How Our EMG Nerve Impulse Switch Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Limited muscle movement stopping you from controlling your wheelchair? Not any more! Use any one muscle as a single or dual ability switch! Sensitive to even the lightest muscle twitch since it actually senses the electrical nerve impulse to the muscle rather than any muscle movement. Read Testimonial Tab: "being freed from the necessity of having my arm or head precisely positioned to operate a more traditional driving mechanism, I can independently use the full range of seating functions without losing my ability to return to a driving position."
If you haven’t been able to control switches because of ALS, spinal muscular atrophy, or spinal cord injury, these switches can help you achieve greater independence. Unlike other switches, the EMG switch senses the tiny signals which activate muscle. Use of the muscle control signals from your nervous system to your muscle makes the switch very easy to activate, even if the muscle itself is not strong enough to provide functional use. The sensor is connected directly on the muscle site which makes attachment simple. The sensor does not depend on motion so it remains in the proper position even as you move around. Read more about how you can gain more of you freedom back with our EMG Nerve Impulse Switch:

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