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Sky Arrow with Hand Controls Light Sport Aircraft




Length 24.9 ft
Height 8.4 ft
Wing span 31.5 ft
Wing area 145 sq ft
Seats/arrangement 2-Tandem
Engine type Rotax 912 ULS
Engine power @ 5.800 RPM 98 Hp
Propeller 3-blade, ground adjustable pitch
Max. gross weight (MTOW) 1,320 lbs
Standard empty weight 840 lbs
Useful Load 480 lbs
Max Fuel capacity 26.4 gals
Performance (@MTOW, sea level)
Take off distance (ground roll) 470 ft
Take off distance over 50 ft obst. 890 ft
Landing distance (ground roll) 360 ft
Landing distance over 50 ft obst. 660 ft
Rate of climb, sea level 1,100 fpm
Fuel consumption (@ 75% power, s.l.) 4,9 gal/hr
Service ceiling 13,500 ft
Cruise speed (@ 75% power, s.l.) 95 kts
Maximum Speed 110 kts
Never exceed speed (VNE) 132 kts
Stall Speed (30° flaps DN) 38 kts
Endurance: (@ 75 % power, no res.) 5h 20'
Max range: (@ 75% power, no res.) 501 nm


Flight Design CTLS Light Sport Aircraft with Factory Hand Controls
Sky Chariot Inclusive Airplane

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