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Stratus Environmental Control System

Have you heard the good news? Broadened Horizons has developed an amazing new technology called the Stratus Environmental Control System to help those with disabilities to live an easier life!

What is Stratus ECS or SECS?
Stratus is an Environmental Control System-as-a-Service by Broadened Horizons- a fully managed and fully hosted ECU (Environmental Control Unit) that integrates compact, efficient hardware modules in the cloud over Wi-Fi, or IP with our virtual "hubs" which one on a combination of Amazon's and Google's servers providing the absolute best in enterprise grade reliability, security, and redundancy!

Currently available ECU's have traditionally required someone to fly cross-country or minimally drive hours and spend 3 days to a week doing setup and training, of course quality of service varies significantly.

We can guarantee technology is changing so rapidly, what is best today will not be the best in a year or even six months. Stratus is flexible. This means that it can change, improve, and grow with you over time as your abilities and needs change.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make life easier with Stratus ECS for yourself, or a loved one... Feel free to take a look at our website and request a FREE personalized assessment:

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