Collection: Energy-Saving Solar without Inverter or Meter - Highest Return on Investment


Maximum Return on Investment from Energy Savings! Avoid "FREE" systems! There is no such thing. Talk to an electrical engineer, not a door-to-door solar salesman!

  • DIY-friendly -Do-It-Yourself, or a competent, less expensive handyman or friend).
  • No inverters -huge savings and reduced complexity -you use what you produce
  • No batteries - batteries only needed for off-grid or at night
  • No complex changes to your home's electrical system or current HVAC
  • No complex agreements with electric grid provider
  • You may not need to pull a permit, depending on how installed and local code

Simply save 80%-90% of the full retail rate you pay for energy during daylight while reducing your environmental impact!

Hybrid Grid-connected Solar is great for your highest energy-consuming appliances.

  • Air Conditioning -90% daytime
  • Heating -80% daytime -electric, propane, natural gas, fuel oil - any kind or system
  • Electric Water Heater - save 95%-100% energy use
  • Chest Freezer - save 95%-100% energy use
  • Can provide up to 2.4 kW Emergency Backup Power during Daylight Hours. Contact us for off-grid, Marine, recreational vehicle, or 24-hour emergency backup.
The concept is to replace 80-90% of your daytime use, when electricity is most expensive. The grid serves your energy needs at night when electricity is least expensive, and supplements on cloudy days.

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  • Hybrid Solar AC/DC Air Conditioning -up to 90% energy-saving
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