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Walt's garage
Walt's garage

Walt's garage

Walt's Garage has generously helped us to keep our 2003 Chevy Venture Braun Entervan running in tip top condition and provided all the labor to help rebuild as much of the air conditioning system as they were able. A desperate necessity in Florida summers!

More about Walt's garage 

I’ve spent the majority of my life figuring out how to take things apart and make them better. From 2 enlistments in the Army, to 12 years at the VW dealer, to 6 years at a highly regarded independent VW/Audi specialty shop, I’ve poured my heart and soul into each, learning everything I could as I went and never leaving anything on the table. I’ve prided myself on fixing the unfixable, always looking to take my game to the next level. Now, the stars have aligned in my favor, and it’s time to apply what I’ve learned and attempt to provide a superior automotive service for you. I hope our passion for excellence and attention to detail leave you 110% satisfied with the service you’ll receive at Walt’s Garage. -

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