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Broadened Horizons

BigBell Alert System - Basic


$700.00 USD

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Today's date: Dec 03, 2023

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SeBigBell alert system is a wireless doorbell alert that enables customers to easily request assistance with entry to a business establishment. Each product in the BigBell product line is an affordable alternative to power doors and meets ADA requirements.

The BigBell is set at the appropriate height for wheelchair access and features both the international symbol for wheelchair accessibility as well as directional signage, which can feature your company brand. When a customer approaches your business, he or she will see the BigBell outside of your entrance and know assistance is available. Pressing the BigBell touchpad will
trigger an interior chime to alert your employees a customer is outside and requesting assistance.  An employee can then assist the customer as necessary. BigBell improves customer service, generates new retail sales opportunities, and encourages repeat business.


BigBell Alert SystemBig Bell Product Specifications

BigBell is easy to install and will work for any kind of public building or business. Combine your BigBell Alert System with a ramppito increase access to commercial and residential properties.

  • Oversized touch-pad can be used by customers with limited dexterity.
  • Wireless technology is easy to install. Plugs into any standard A/C wall outlet.
  • Flashing strobe, AC option and improved battery life.
  • Six ring tones and adjustable volume control.
  • Up to 1,500-foot unobstructed operating range.
  • Locations with short steps can use the BigBell in conjunction with portable ramps.
  • One style fits all:BigBell Max

Thousands of systems are currently in use at:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Police Stations
  • Hotels
  • Commercial and private properties
  • Restaurants
  • Medical and doctor’s offices
  • Stores and other businesses
  • Property management offices
  • Public attractions…and more!

ADA Push Button Alert, Type BigBell Max, Material Polycarbonate, Depth 1-2/3 In., Height 5-1/3 In., Width 3-3/16 In., Color Black, Rating ABS, Input Voltage 6VDC, Output 80 to 85 dB, Door Bells and Voice, Operating Temp. -30 C to +60 C, Standards FCC Part 95, For Use With Exit and Entry Doors, Includes Battery.


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BigBell Alert System - Basic - Broadened Horizons Direct

BigBell Alert System - Basic

$700.00 USD

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