Mark E Felling, Executive Director

事務局長、 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
大統領、 Broadened Horizons Inc.

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Although we are only in it’s earliest years, as we embark in this twenty-first century, humanity stands on the verge of the most transforming period in its history. This is a time where the limits of our imagination are the only impediment to our potential advancement as a society. In the not so distant past, having a “disability” meant that a person was enveloped in limitations. Today we live in era in which the very nature of what it means to be disabled will be challenged. As humankind breaks the shackles of physics and achieves inconceivable heights of learning, exploration, and advancement.

One person on the forefront of this re-imagining of our world is Mark E. Felling. For almost a decade, this businessman, inventor, advocate, writer, and speaker, has been one of the most respected and provocative advocates of the role of assistive technology in the day to day lives of disabled individuals, and as a model for future exploration into human development. Through unique and innovative solutions, Mark wants to make assistive technology so ubiquitous that society at large will begin to regard disability as a normal aspect of life, not as a deviance. Rejecting the notion that persons with disabilities are in some inherent way “defective,” Mark has designed advancements and innovations that take the focus away from the disability, and focus instead on the abilities of each individual through an appropriate “user interface”.

In 2003, Mark began developing ideas and solutions that would become Broadened Horizons, Inc. The company and Mark’s concepts have redefined assistive technology by focusing on bridging the gap between technology people use everyday, and alternative user interfaces providing users of any ability equal opportunity to access and benefit from these technologies. With the ever-accelerating rate of technological change, everyone everywhere has some level of interaction with technology on a daily basis; whether it is using a cell phone or computer, playing a video game, watching TV, or even entering into the world of augmented reality. Mankind is already moving to the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the symbiotic relationship between human and machine (see グーグルグラス).

彼の新しい努力の前に、マークはすでに技術的な創意工夫と私たちの究極の運命の本当に刺激的なビジョンを持つ男でした。彼はノースダコタ州立大学(NDSU)とメキシコのエルテクノロジコデモントレー(ITESM)に出席し、電気工学、ビジネス、国際研究の学位を取得して卒業し、NASAスポンサープログラムの下で宇宙研究の修士課程のコースワークを開始しました。インターネット革命に参加して、マークは大学を通して、通常のコースワーク以外でコンピューターエンジニアリングを最初に教え、彼自身のブランドであるFMSコンピューターを設計、立ち上げ、製造しました。 20代前半、マークは企業の世界に参入して経験を拡大し、世界中のフォーチュン500企業のWHOの世界的な企業と協力して、ハイテクテレコミュニケーションと組み込みシステムユーザーインターフェイスの実装と品質検証について協力しました。モスクワ州立大学でロシア語を勉強した夏の後に2002年に開発されたテスト自動化プラットフォームマークは、毎日使用するデジタルケーブルセットトップボックスで新しいユーザーインターフェイスリリースを検証するためにまだ使用されています。

Comfort Carrier = will travel! Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and ELEPHANTS!


[VIDEO] Mark is the attraction at Jama Mazid Mosque in Delhi彼の個人的な生活の中で、マークの伐採は常に世界の完璧な探検家であり市民であり、いくつかの言語で流fluent的および/または有能でした。彼の冒険的な精神が最終的に彼の人生とキャリアの方向を永遠に変える運命のひねりをもたらしました。 2003年7月2日、マークは彼自身の現代2席実験航空機を操縦していました。離陸直後にエンジンの故障のため、彼は ミネソタ川渓谷の木で「土地」をcrash落さざるを得ない。地面から40フィート上で、非常に強いすべての複合翼は、動揺しなかった木に衝撃を与え、空中で航空機を逆さまにひっくり返しました。マークは、彼の上に飛行機の上に頭に着地し、脊髄損傷を引き起こし、マークがC4-C5レベルの四肢麻痺を残しました。

Mark's Plane Upside Down After Crash

私たちは自分たちのキャリアの最盛期に自分自身を想像することができますが、20代半ばに、今後の計画でいっぱいの生活を送っているのは、この事故が簡単にgiveめる言い訳になる可能性がありますが、マークにとっては単に克服するための新しい挑戦でした。マークが犠牲にしないことと犠牲にすることができなかったことの1つは、彼の決意と情熱です。彼の事故からわずか数週間後、マークは、障害の境界を破る新しい革新的なソリューションのアイデアを作成し始めました。 スカイチャリオットロードチャリオット、車椅子にやさしい航空機とオートバイマークは、独立して建設およびパイロットする予定です。新しい生活と未来の新しいビジョンを創造する意志と意欲により、マークは、最も物理的に限られた個人が自分自身を再発見し、ライフスタイルを再定義し、認識された「視野」を拡大するのを支援することに専念する企業である広がりの視野を立ち上げました。マークは、自分の顧客がコミュニティ、社会、世界を変えているのを見て、一人一人に最善を尽くしてもらうことに力を与えようとしています。

In an era in which our evolution is becoming increasingly more focused on intellectual and technological advancement— Mark is spearheading the dawning of a new societal understanding of disability that will enable us to transcend out of physical limitations and amplify our creativity. This will be achieved through alternative user interfaces to technology that enable people with physical limitations to live, work, and play with the same technology all people use everyday. Broadened Horizons has become a leader in the assistive technology design, development, consulting, and implementation. Moving away from the antiquated and expensive model of the past that required complex counter systems, a network of specially trained installers, and often times an overabundance of unnecessary equipment, Mark has lead Broadened Horizons to create highly customizable modular solutions that are easy to setup and使いやすい。 In addition to revolutions his company has made in the areas of environmental control, mobile telecommunications, air travel, and recreation, Mark has pioneered changes to the world of video gaming through adaptive video game controllers that act as an abstraction layer between game developers and players physical abilities.

1st Gen Versatility Video Game Controller for disabled with head/mouth control only
1st Gen Versatility Video Game Controller for disabled with head/mouth control only

Experiencing the possibilities through Mark’s controllers, many others through awareness and advocacy have helped this snowball grow in size and momentum. Other game controller manufacturers have introduced new adaptive video game controllers, variations on Mark’s designs that include the broadest range of adapted video game controllers available worldwide covering all game consoles and games with 100% compatibility (Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PC, and Mac). Seldom idle, Mark, with a characteristic twinkle in his eye, simply suggests that 2012 will be the greatest for differently enabled gamers yet.

Mark Felling meeting with Major HWS Ahluwalia, Chairman of the Indian Spinal Injuries Center
Mark Felling meeting with Major HWS Ahluwalia, Chairman of the Indian Spinal Injuries Center

Your organization can experience Mark’s inspiring message of possibility: ANY team working together CAN and WILL change the world. By simply imagining possibilities beyond your perceived limitations, you have already broadened your horizons. We all bind ourselves in shackles of self-imposed limitations. Whether a team of two or an consortium of competitors across an industry, by respecting and valuing each contributors strengths and talents, we throw off those shackles and spread our wings.

In addition to leading a successful business spearheading the rapidly changing assistive technology industry, Mark Felling works tirelessly on behalf of the disability community through advocacy, outreach, and awareness; speaking at events and centers worldwide. He has been a guest on various television programs, radio shows, and podcasts. Mark is one of the youngest members interviewed for the Assistive Technology Oral History Project, an archive of pioneers in the field, for which he gave a 3 part interview on a wide range of topics. Because of his work, innovations, and commitment to excellence, Mark was twice appointed and has served as Chairman of the Minnesota Governor’s Advisory Council on Technology for People with Disabilities.



In only a short time, and through unimaginable circumstances Mark Felling has gone from ambitious engineering student, to reshaping the world for people with disabilities, and giving many families including families those by military service new reasons to smile. His story is one that can barely be described on paper and is best told by Mark himself. Those who have had the opportunity to hear him speak, see his products, and share his vision of a world without limitations are forever changed.
(biography by Jay Escobar)

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The Sky Chairiot Project - 世界初の真の車椅子アクセシブルな飛行機は、世界初の四肢麻痺であることを目標に、病院に横たわっている最初の2週間の意識の間にマークによって概念的に設計された飛行機にアクセスしやすい飛行機にアクセスしやすい飛行機 独立して コマンドのパイロットとしてのクロスカントリー!
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