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Self-Employment Work-From-Home Opportunity for Disabled


  1. Are a disabled person yourself, a family member or friend working in collaboration with the qualifying disabled person, or an assistive technology professional (i.e. therapist or ATP) who directly works with disabled.
  2. Own and use or teach the assistive technology device you will be educating others about.
  3. No specific prior experience needed. People from all backgrounds and experiences welcome.
  4. Those who are successful have an insatiable desire to learn, expand your skills, and be an example to others.


     Strategies - you may use one or all

  1. Social Media Influencer - create content that shows others what is possible with the particular Assistive Technology you teach, educate, and promote.
  2. Affiliate Marketer - publish a blog, post articles, facilitate media coverage, advertising, write appropriate educational responses in forums or someone is looking for such a solution.
  3. Ambassador - go in person to teach and demonstrate the piece of assistive technology you use and has changed your life in some way to educate other disabled individuals like you who may benefit from it as well as professionals work with the disabled, rehabilitation centers and nonprofit organizations, lobbying and advocating with politicians or governmental organizations.
  4. Grant Writer - Identify and apply for Grants to fund Inclusive programs.


     Levels of Engagement - stages of growth

  1. 10% Commission - anyone who meets requirements
  2. Are you a enthusiastic expert on a particular piece of assistive technology we offer

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