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Growatt Off-Grid Inverter Settings

  SPF 3000TL LVM-48P

  • Shine Server allows Remote monitoring of multiple inverters as well as remote settings DIY forum
  • Solar Assistant on Raspberry Pi for advanced Growatt and Daly BMS remote Monitoring
  • Growatt_ShineWiFi - Firmware replacement for Growatt ShineWiFi-S (serial), ShineWiFi-X (USB) or custom build sticks (ESP8266/ESP32).  more...

    Growatt Settings

    01 AC Output Source Priority = SbU - Solar-Battery-Utility - Solar backed by Battery. 

    • Utility only provides power to the loads when either the setting point in program 12 (48v/24v) or battery voltage drops below low-level warning voltage (48v/24v)
    • Set to SOL (PV First) which switches to Utility at night to not cycle battery and always the night before a cruise to be sure batteries are fully charged in morning

    02 Max Charging Current = AC + Solar. 100A is Max of 4 AWG cable x2 inverters 

    • Solar charge controllers are capable of 80A x2
    • AC charging is capable of max 40A (48v) / 60A (24v) x2 [but limited to 30 amp in GEN mode]
    • PII 6 Sunpower panels max 6a 72.9v at 12pm should be around 30a-36a x2
    • PI 8 Sunpower panels max 6a 77.8v at 12pm should be around 40a-48a /2

    03 Charging Source - APL - AC Input Voltage Range 65~145 VAC

    • GEN - AC Input Voltage Range 65~145 VAC limits charging current to 30A x2 for 2 inverters in parallel on 10 kVA generator

    PII - IMPORTANT only turn on AC breaker to 1 inverter leaving the AC breaker for the second inverter turned off when running on 12 kVA generator only

    04 Power Saving Mode - SdS (Sensing Disabled) during testing 1st weeks, then set to SEN (Sensing Enabled). When enabled, inverter shuts down internally with no outputs plan load is "pretty low" or not detected.

    05 Battery Type = US2 User Defined - also set 19, 20, 21

    06 Auto Restart When Overload Occurs - LFD - Restart Disable (default) / LFE - Restart Enable - Enableda

    07 Auto Restart When Over Temperature Occurs - EFD - Restart Disable (default) / EFE - Restart Enable - Enabled

    08 AC Discharge Voltage (inverter output) 120v (default)

    09 Output Frequency - 60 hz 

    10 10 - unsettable

    11 Max Utility AC Charging Current - 40A x2 @ 58v=4640w / 60A x2 @ 28v = 3360W

    • (03 APL) Can be 40a (48v) / 60a (24v) when charging from 50a or 30a shore power 40a x2 = 80a @ 56v = 4480w 
      • 30a 220v Shore Power = max 6600w
    • (03 GEN) Can be 40a (48v) or Can be 60a (24v) when charging from 16kw Generator 60a x2 = 120a @ 28v = 3360w 21%
    • (03 GEN) Can be 40a (48v) when charging from 12kw Generator 40a x2 = 80a @ 56v = 4480w 37% IF other large AC Loads are turned off (Air Conditioning, Water Heater, Dryer)
    • (03 GEN) Can be 40a (48v) when charging from 20kw Generator 40a x2 = 80a @ 56v = 4480w 22.4% IF only 1 other large AC Load is on (Air Conditioning, Water Heater, or Dryer)
    • (03 GEN) should not exceed 30A for 2 inverters in parallel or 2 in one phase charging off 10 kVA diesel generator (30a x2 = 60a @ 58v = 3480w 34%)
    • Requires 20KVA generator for 3 phase parallel system (30a x3 = 90a @ 58v = 5220w 26%)

    12 - Battery to Grid Operational Point = 48.0v / 24.0v (3.0 v/cell, 9% SOC) > 0°C - point to switch from Battery to Utility in 01 SBU priority or SOL priority modes

    13 - Grid to Battery Operational Point = 54.4v / 27.2v (3.4 v/cell) > 0°C - point to switch from Utility Back to Battery in SBU or SOL mode

    14 - Charging Source = CSO = PV Priority - Solar will charge battery as first priority. Utility will charge battery only when solar energy is not available -

    Switch to CUE if on anchor so that would charge from generators when started simultaneous to solar.

    • CUE = PV & UTI = Solar and Utility - Solar energy and utility will both charge battery.
    • Only PV - Solar energy will be the only charger source no matter utility is available or not.
    • Utility First Utility will charge battery as first priority. Solar energy will charge battery only when utility power is not available.

    *IMPORTANT* If the off grid solar inverter is working in Battery mode or Power saving mode, only solar energy can charge battery. Solar energy will charge battery if it's available and sufficient.

    15 - Alarm Control = bON is on

    16 - Backlight = LON is on

    17 - AOF = Off - Beeps when primary source is interrupted. I.e. when there's no solar or at night it would beep constantly if enabled. Would only want this enabled if was being used as emergency backup from grid failure

    18 - Overload Bypass = byE = Enabled. Unit will transfer to line mode if overload occurs in battery mode. For example, when starting up 6300 watt AC geothermal system load might exceed 6000 W capacity of the inverters when on shore power or when generator is running when cruising, especially when starting up any other load such as cooking in the galley. Better practice would be to allow solar and inverters to handle all loads except AC geothermal which can be isolated at home to run only shore power or generator Thus avoid going into overload bypass

    19 - Charging Constant Voltage Point56v / 28.0v CV 

    20 - Float Voltage Point or Resting Voltage = 56v / 28v - but should be no float with Lifepo4? - Need to verify with Signature Solar

    21 - Battery Undervoltage Cut-off Point (Low DC Cut-off Voltage) = 46.4v / 23.2v (2.9v / cell vs. Battery to Grid 3.0v/cell vs. BMS is 2.5v / cell) - leaves 8% in battery for DC Only loads

    • 1. If battery power is only power source available, inverter will shut down. 
    • 2. If solar energy and battery power are available, inverter will charge battery without AC input.
    • 3. if PV energy, battery power, and utility are available inverter will transfer to line mode and provide output power to loads and charge the battery at the same time.

    22 - Solar Power Balence Enabled (default) = Sbe - If selected, solar input power will be automatically adjusted according to: Max Input Solar Power = Max Battery Charging Power + Connected Load Power.

    23 - AC Output Mode - *This setting is only available when the inverter is in standby mode (Switch off). Power saving function will be automatically disabled when in parallel operation. 

    • SIG - Single mode - When not in parallel operation
    • 2P0 or 2P2 Split phase - Do NOT connect share current cable between units on different phases.
    • Select “2P0” for the inverters connected to L1 phase
    • If connect split phase 120V/208V, select “2P1” for inverters connected to L2 phase;
    • If connect split phase 120V/240V, select “2P2” for inverters connected to L2 phase

    28 - Address 1 on left inverter, 2 on right inverter


    43 - Battery Equalization Disabled dIS (default) - Enable for lead acid/AGM batteries without BMS only

    44 - 58.4v/29.2v (default) Battery Equalization Voltage

    45 - 60 minutes (default) Battery Equalized Time

    46 - 120 minutes (default) Battery Equalized Timeout

    47 - 30 days (default) Equalization Interval

    48 - eOF Equalization Activated Immediately is Off - assumes batteries are already top balanced and will activate at next equalization interval


    Growatt Settings for Lifepo4 Batteries

    Best Charge Voltage for Lifepo4

    • 3.55v/cell for fastest charge with no absorption
    • 3.4v/cell with longer absorption for longest life (backup for grid failure)

    Best Charge Voltage for Lifepo4


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