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Membership Levels 

  • Philosophical Member - Free
  • Individual $5/mo
  • Family $12/mo
  • Organization $25/mo
  • Participating Membership

Maximum 48 Participating Membership Shares per Project

  • Makes it possible to reserve up to 1 week/year (i.e. Monday 5 p.m. to Monday 11 a.m.)
  • 2 members could enjoy their weeks together and have 2 weeks aboard
  • 4 weeks/year reserved for maintenance or declared hurricane events (2 days before, 2 days during, 2 days after)
  • Enjoy moored dockside, on anchor, cruising, or a mix.
  • To leave dock requires USCG Captain. Must be checked out and insured ($150-$300 / day or volunteer)
  • Contribution to maintenance account is $15/hr for main engines, $5/hr generator (running time only from hour meter) i.e. to Cayo Costa State Park, 2-3 nights on Anchor, and back would be $120-$200
  • Diesel Fuel Budget = 1 to 1.1 gal/mile or 9 gal/hr for main engines and 2 gal/hr for generator

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