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Broadened Horizons

Horizonal Lateral Rotation 5 Function Hospital Bed + Mattress - FREE Continental USA Shipping

Horizonal Lateral Rotation 5 Function Hospital Bed + Mattress - FREE Continental USA Shipping

Cena regularna $12,000.00 USD
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Bed laterally rolls patients to help clear fluids from lungs from Covid-19, chronic pneumonia, or patients on a ventilator, reducing nursing staff contact with Coronavirus. The bed can be independently controlled by the occupant with a touch of a button, Alexa/Google voice command, or smartphone touchscreen allowing the patient to affect their own treatment and outcome. Ideal bed for in-home healthcare, assisted living, or long-term nursing environments struggling with:

  • Clearing fluids from lungs from Covid-19, chronic pneumonia, or patients on a ventilator
  • Chronic pressure sores, the threat of pressure sores
  • Caregiver having to wake up multiple times a night to roll the patient they are caring for
  • Helps raise occupant to a seated position for transfers who have difficulty entering or exiting the bed

Makes the following tasks Możliwy or Easier

  • Rolling Side to Side during the Night
  • Wheelchair Transfers
  • Standing from a Seated Position
  • Assistance Sitting Up in Bed for Dressing, Eating, or simply getting out of bed
  • Elevating Feet and Legs for Treatment of Edema
  • Better More restful Sleep for heavy Snorer's, anyone using a CPAP, diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or other respiratory infections or problems
  • Improves Back Health for Caregivers making rolling, dressing, bed-baths, and other cares performed in bed much less straining

Includes LTL Truck Freight Shipping cost up to $500 whiovers shipping to most locations in Continental USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico Best.Save up to $150 by picking up with a truck from nearest LTL Truck freight depot (most within 30-45 minutes of 90% addresses. Residential Delivery with Liftgate available.

  • Arrives complete with castor wheels. Simply open the steel & wood crate, and roll up driveway into bedroom. Two 4 wheel furniture dollies can be helpful to tip[ on side your bedroomed roll through as small as 30" wide doorways.
  • Ask about the availability of White Glove Delivery and Setup with the removal of all packing materials - typically $350 covering up to 2 Beds.


  • 10 inches of Height Adjustability helps to save the backs of caregivers
  • 6 Whisper-quiet, powerful, and ultra-reliable Dewart® German actuator motors to roll, raise head, feet, and entire bed
  • 4 pcs European Style Bedside Rails
  • 5" German Central Locking Caster Wheels - 2 with Brakes
  • Head and Foot Boards
  • 6 IV Drip Holes
  • 4 Drainage Bag Hooks
  • 2 Year EVERYTHING Warranty - covers the entire bed – each and every component and design feature (even the mattress!), without exception. Our warranty is even transferable, so if you sell or give the bed to someone else, it remains under warranty.  10 Year Parts Availability. 12 Year Expected Life.

5 Functions

  • Lateral Rotation (25° Rolling)
  • Head-Up 59° and Down
  • Feet Up 35° and Down
  • Elevate Bed Up 10" or Down
  • Trendelenburg 12° & Reverse Trendelenburg 12°


  • Bed fully assembled on casters - roll out of shipping crate, slide on 6 individually packaged head, foot, and side panels
  • Standard Foam Mattress - 33" x 77.5" (850 mm x 1970mm)


  • Control by Voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, with an Ability Switch, on a Smartphone or Tablet Touchscreen with Broadened Horizons' Stratus Bedroom Butler
  • Upgrade to Horizonal Lateral Rotation Low Air Loss Mattress (33.5" x 78")
  • Upgrade to Horizonal Micro-Gravity Elastomer Gel Grid Mattress
    • Passive Pressure Equalizing Eliminating Pressure-Points
    • Eliminates Moisture Contact with Skin. No Moving Parts, No Air Pump to Fail, Air Leaks! Lasts 20+ years
    • Newest Sleep Surface designed by NASA Aerospace Engineer Specializing in pressure and Force Management.
    • UWAGA: Mattress będzie mocno pasować między szynami bocznymi i głową i podnośnikiem sprężonym 1 calami w głowie i stopie i 2,5 cala z każdej strony, ale nie powinno to być problemem, ponieważ jest to bardzo elastyczne.

Statki według frachtu

  • 15 -dniowy czas realizacji z naszego Michigan, USA Warehouse - Dwa w magazynie
  • 90 -dniowy czas realizacji z fabryki. 15-45 dni przyspieszone przez Freight za dodatkowe 2000 USD. (Całkowity koszt 3500 $, pokrywamy dla Ciebie 1500 $)
  • Rozmiar skrzyni łóżka: 92,5 "x 47,6" x 31,5 "573 funty. (2350 mm x 1210 mm x 800 mm 260 kg) 15 szt.
  • Rozmiar pakietu materacy: 41 "x 13" x 13 "33 funty (1040 mm x 330 mm x 330 mm 15 kg)
  • Jeśli jesteś w jakikolwiek sposób niezadowolony, skontaktuj się z nami, abyśmy mogli z Tobą pracować, aby rozwiązać problem. Zwroty zostaną przedłużone do 90 dni, jednak ze względu na rozmiar frachtu i obsługi zapasów spowoduje 11% opłatę za uzupełnianie plus fracht w obie strony.


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