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4-in-1 Game Console Converter - automatic recognition

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4-in-1 Game Console Converter allows you to use your specialty adaptive controller on all available game consoles maximizing your investment and allowing you to visit and play with all of your friends regardless of their console!

  • 100% compatible supporting both analog and digital as well as all button's capabilities
  • Supports multi-player collaborative gaming on Xbox 360 (2 players controlling same character cooperatively)
  • Also suitable for steering wheels, dance mats, lightguns and joysticks
  • Supports vibration feedback
  • Includes 1 x USB-A (f) connector, 1 x USB-A (m) connector and 1 x PS2 (f) controller port

Usage Instructions

1) Plug a wired or wireless PSX/PS2 DualShock 1 or 2 into the PS3. The Analog button activates the PS Home button. However holding the button will not pop up the menu to shut down the console or change the controllers player #ID
  • To shut down, move all the way to the left to the login menu, then all the way up to shut down.
  • To change the controllers player #ID, move to the Settings -> Controller -> Controller ID menu.
2) Plug a wired or wireless PSX/PS2 DualShock 2 or 1 into Xbox 360. The Analog button functions as the XB Guide button.
  • The adapter requires a Xbox 360 Wired Controller to trick the Xbox 360 console into accepting the PlayStation controller as a valid Xbox controller. Is works by tricking the console into seeing the identity chip inside of the Xbox 360 Wired Controller.
  • Collaborative Gaming: Both the PlayStation and Xbox 360 controllers can be used simultaneously so 2 players may control the same character. This works great for those who need a little assistance with complex coordination
3) Plug a wired Xbox 360 controller into the PS3. The XB Guide button works perfectly as the PS Home button perfectly.

4) Plug a wired or wireless PSX/PS2 DualShock 2 or 1 into a computer's USB port.
  • Remap any button or joystick function to any mouse, game controller, or keyboard key using Xpadder

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