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Pneumatic Switch Tubing, Mouthpieces, & Accessories Kit - Vacuum Packed

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Required with all new pneumatic switches or as a replacement. Turn your favorite headset into a Sip & Puff Headset. Works great on any mounting arm. Includes Sip-n-Puff Tubing, Mouthpieces, Bite Bulbs, & Attachment Accessories.

Features our unique Silver-ion lined Antimicrobial Tubing and 2 replaceable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces featuring a custom made
1.2 µ HEPA Rated (99.9% bacteria & viruses) and Hydrophobic (breath & saliva) Anti-Contamination Filter.

These are the same high-tech materials and filter elements used on ventilators and blood transfer devices in hospitals as well as food processing equipment.

Kit Contents

  • 5' Anti-microbial Lined Tubing
  • 1 Straight Anti-Contamination Mouthpiece - Hydrophobic & HEPA rated
  • 1 Curved Anti-Contamination Mouthpiece - Hydrophobic & HEPA rated
  • 1 Mouthpiece Reciever for ⅛” Tubing
  • 3 Bite Bulbs (allowing use as bite switch)
  • 1 Large Squeeze Bulb (use as a grip or footswitch)
  • 18" Stainless Steel internal Tubing Director
  • 1’ ½” wide Velcro Bundling Wrap - cut into 3 4” pieces or 4 3” pieces
  • 1" Adhesive Mounting Pad (for use with zip tie)
  • 5 Zip Ties
  • 5" 3/4" Heat Shrink
  • Vacuum Sealed Bag to maintain Clean

*Compatible Pneumatic Switches 

  • Sip-n-Puff Switch
  • Sip or Puff Nurse Call Switch
  • In-line Puff Switch
  • In-line Nurse Call Puff Switch

** Mouthpieces should be replaced between users or monthly with the same user

  • Pneumatic Flexarm Switch 12 Mouthpiece Annual Kit
  • Pneumatic Headset Switch 12 Mouthpiece Annual Kit

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