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Become a Member! Help Fund Raise, Volunteer, or Donate to help us complete one or both innovative RVs and experience what you helped create!

  • $750+   = 3 Night Weekend Experience
  • $1600+ = One Week Experience
  • $3000+ = Two Week Experience
  • $6000+ = One Month Experience

100% Solar Powered Eco-friendly Off-grid Capable and completely Inclusive Wheelchair Accessible. Enjoy the most desirable undeveloped locations outside of campgrounds without sacrificing comfort! Save from $350-$875 of campground fees! 

Fundraising Goal $50,000. When project is funded, we will email supporters a link to a calendar to schedule your experience. We expect to have one or both units ready by 2022.

Where can I use One-if-by-Land? 

This somewhat depends on the length of your experience, or what we could coordinate or schedule with another participant. Experiences are possible throughout North America and Central America especially for one-month experiences. Request your top 3 choices. With multiple requests for a specific area or region, almost anywhere is possible with participant coordination/collaboration. Make a request for your top three choices. For shorter experiences plan on:

  • Florida to bordering states of Georgia and Alabama
  • Tennessee & Kentucky - Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area including Nashville and surrounding areas
  • Minnesota to bordering states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Southern Ontario and Manitoba Canada
  • By 2023 we hope to make a limited number of experiences in Mexico, Texas, and western United States possible, primarily driven from requests. 

All voice-activated, capable of being fully operated from a wheelchair or not. Completely self-sufficient and independent she is perfect for exploring state and National Parks, National Recreation Areas, and State Parks. 

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