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Wireless Nurse Call Chime - 1 Switch Enabled Transmitter & 2 Receivers

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Simple, effective method to request assistance such as one in bed without losing privacy or dignity to a baby monitor. Activate the transmitter with large 2.5" x 1.5" paddle button, or plug any ability switch into it (i.e. puff or pancake switch).

  • Installation Free -simply remove from package and start using anywhere indoors
  • Wireless up to 50 Feet from Transmitter.
  • Consumes very little power- AA alkaline batteries may last as long as a year
  • Transmitter comes with 12 V battery preinstalled, receiver takes 3 standard AA batteries
  • If at any time units become unresponsive, replace batteries
  • FC And ROHS Approved
  • UPC 0 39612 11176 7
  • Note: Each Transmitter and Receiver are a pair. Under the cover they have a label identifying the channel they are set to. Any dot above the channel number(s) is important. It is possible to assign a second transmitter/receiver pair the same channel as a first transmitter/receiver pair so either transmitter activates both receivers. To do so, using a soldering iron add/remove solder jumpers to the 3x8 pin array so that the solder jumpers match on all the desired transmitters and receivers.

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