Over-the-Head USB Headset for PC/Mac/Wii/PS3

Over-the-Head USB Headset for PC/Mac/Wii/PS3

Broadened Horizons
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All Broadened Horizons' Sip & Puff Switches, Headsets, and Flexarms future our unique, high-tech silver-ion Antimicrobial Tubing and replaceable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces

Package Includes:

  • Over-the-Head Silver-ion lined, Antimicrobial Sip & Puff Tubing cleanly integrated on microphone arm for optimal positioning
  • Easily replaceable Anti-Contamination Mouthpiece with dual-element Hydrophobic and HEPA Filter
    Additional Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces available in Singles, 5, 10, 25, or 100 pack ideal for multiuser environments such as rehab/evaluation centers
  • 1 Extra Anti-Contamination Filter 


Product Information - The Dynex DX-840 Headset comprises a pair of earphones and a microphone all in one composite unit. The headphone rests comfortably on the head and has an adjustable headband for added convenience. The earphones are manufactured with quality leatherette ear pads for maximum comfort even during extended hours of usage. The Dynex DX-840 Headset are equipped with high quality microphones that capture only the primary source sound and reject any background noise. Ideal for computers and PlayStation series of products, the headphones provide clear sounds for maximum enjoyment. The Dynex DX-840 Headset adds efficiency and style to your experience of multimedia communication.

  • Brand: Dynex Model  DX-840 Mono Computer USB or DX-850 Stereo Computer USB
  • Earpiece Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Microphone Frequency Response:100 - 16000 Hz, Mic Impedance: 2200 ohm
  • Weight: 7 oz


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