Muscle Sensor Switch
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Muscle Sensor Switch

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Get creative, this Muscle Sensor Switch sometimes referred to as a Twitch Switch, is activated by any small muscle movement. The sensitivity or activation threshold is adjusted by simply turning a knob to the amount of movement needed to activate it.

Common methods of activating the sensor include raising an eyebrow, wrinkling the forehead, clenching the jaw (sensor on platysma/clavicle), wiggling a shoulder, flexing the Brachioradialis muscle just below the elbow for C5 quadriplegics, slightly bending a finger, or anything else you can move - even wiggling your ear! Tape a sensor to your desk, table, or any other object and by tapping or touching it it becomes a huge environmentally integrated switch!

The Single Sensor Switch operates in three modes: latched, momentary and timed. Use the latched mode when operating a device that needs to remain on until the user wants to turn it off; the momentary mode when operating a phone, video game, order switch adapted device; and the timed mode when operating a device that you want to stay on for a pre-set period of time (adjustable from 1 to 120 seconds). Extra sensors for multiuser environments or replacements are available separately.


Requires one 9 volt Battery.

Returns incur a 20% restocking fee for sanitary reasons.

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