TalkSafe Switch Enabled 3 No. Speed Dialing Speakerphone PLUS Emergency Dialer with Call Recipient Remote Control

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Place calls with up to 3 number speed dial to key family members or operator assisted/relay service PLUS Lifeline-like Emergency Dialer (up to 9 family members, aid, neighbor, and last 911).

Initiate call, answer, and hang up using any ability switch or by pushbutton with wireless remote. Great complement to Bed Mount Hydration System.

Emergency activators for wrist, neck, vibration, motion, temperature, and moisture sensing.

UNIQUE: Recipients of Emergency Call and Message can remotely control Speakerphone by dialing 4 different to digit codes to remotely activate speakerphone and verify there is an emergency and what the person is said these knowing how long until help arrives, or if it is a false alarm deactivate emergency calling remotely, or if out of town/unavailable to continue emergency dialing with next of up to 9 emergency call recipient's.

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