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Ultralight Touch Input Mouthstick 18 inches or Cut to Size

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A mouthstick for a touchscreen or tablet computer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. This lightweight mouthstick allows the user to work, create or navigate on all devices with a touchscreen with his or her mouth. The mouthstick can be operated with light pressure, even at extreme angles. The device comes with two replaceable mouth bites made of soft material which can be held in the mouth without strain and will not damage teeth or the device. The manufacturer states that this device can be controlled precisely in less than 30 minutes of use, and the user can carry on a conversation while using the device. This mouthstick can also be used as a conventional mouthstick for tasks such as key button pressing on a keyboard or calculator, or moving objects around.

COMPATIBILITY: For use with the Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Android tablets and smartphones, and other devices with touchscreens.

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