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Broadened Horions

eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

$13,635.00 USD

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Your wheelchair is your legs. Take it with you! A wheelchair-accessible electric trike moped to get around your local community.  Fun personal independent transportation.

Roll-on in your wheelchair. Or step on and sit on the optional seat. Drive to the store, around your university campus, meet friends downtown, go fishing, or simply enjoy recreation trails. Perfect in private retirement communities. 

High-speed personal mobility that "nests" you and your manual or lightweight electric wheelchair inside. Use your compact wheelchair for whats its best at - in your home. Then transform it to cover longer distances in style and comfort without destroying your shoulders.

  • Removable Wind, Rain, and Sun Sheild
  • Simple, straightforward controls with only your hands
  • Lifepo4 48v 50ah Batteries can last the life of the vehicle
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Front-wheel drive, Front and Rear Disc Brakes, 16" Wheels
  • Optional, removable Seat
  • Available in Red, Blue, or Silver
Specifications this*
  • 21mph (34km/h) max speed (or can be set to a lower safety limit)
  • 35-50 miles (60-80 km) range
  • 330 lb (150kg) max payload (occupant + wheelchair or seat)
  • 353 lbs (160kg) vehicle weight
  • Interior Size - 28.3" wide, 43" long,~59" height (72x110x~150 cm)
  • Exterior Size - 40.6" wide, 70" long, 49.2" to handlebars or 65" height with roof (103 x 175 x 125cm to top handlebars or 165 cm with roof)

Optional $15,000 Staged Payment Schedule

  • $500 Secures Next Available Delivery Position (1-3 months)
  • $2500 Production of Batch Commences (1 month) Deadline to choose a color.
  • $2500 Loaded into Freight Container (1 month)
  • $9500 Balance Due when Final Delivery Scheduled (1-2 weeks) 

      Your order secures the Next Available production/delivery slot and allows us to plan how many units to produce in the next batch.

      You will receive a delivery position code to reserve your eChariot. When yours is ready, we will contact you for the balance of the purchase price due before delivery.

      You can trade, give-away, or sell your delivery position with anyone. You can redeem the value as a Gift Card for anything else on our site at any time, making it fully cancel-able/refundable at any time, but this would give up your production slot.

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      eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

      eChariot Electric Wheelchair Moped

      $13,635.00 USD

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