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JAECO Suspension Arm and Sling Mobile Arm Support - Used for Quadriplegic SCI Rehabilitation



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Supports arm from elbow to wrist to mitigate restrictive effects of gravity and friction while allowing movement in 3 dimensions. In 5 minutes has successfully changed activities of daily living from near impossibilities to performed independently after setup including for our Executive Director, Mark Felling.

  • operating a power wheelchair with a standard joystick controller
  • operating a computer with OnPoint Joystick Mouse, NoGrip Mouse, a trackball, and clicking left and right mouse buttons or typing on a mini USB keyboard
  • operating a smartphone or tablet with a finger
  • playing video games with a standard or adaptive controller
  • writing, drawing, painting, etc. 

Particularly effective in muscle reeducation and strengthening often resulting in 3x-5x accelerated recovery through functional use over to therapy alone. Ideally paired with a PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis for

  • Spinal Cord Injuries - C4, C5, and C6 Quadriplegics
  • Stroke - particularly effective in muscle reeducation and strengthening
  • For degenerative diseases such as Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, or Multiple Sclerosis it's all about adding time, potentially years, of functional use of arms when gravity begins to seem too much

IN STOCK - 1 used left hand, 7/8" wheelchair backrest tubing 



Suspension Floor Mount and Evaluation Frame - Lightweight, portable frame slides under a wheelchair or bed to support arms in a functional position. Can be used with either Suspension Sling or Suspension Mobile Arm Support. Rolls easily on large rubber wheels. Folds compactly for storage. The entire unit chrome plated

For Rehabilitation Clinics

The suspension arm support system is lightweight and easy to store, allowing for comprehensive treatment that's conveniently portable. Ideal for patients of any age to enhance upper extremity dexterity.

  • Facilitates rehabilitative therapy and enriches upper limb movement and dexterity
  • Ideal for use on nearly any manual wheelchair and most power wheelchairs
  • Enriches user independence during daily activities
  • Compact and portable for use anywhere you need it


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JAECO Suspension Arm and Sling Mobile Arm Support - Used for Quadriplegic SCI Rehabilitation

JAECO Suspension Arm and Sling Mobile Arm Support - Used for Quadriplegic SCI Rehabilitation


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