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Sensor Switches - Eye Wink, Twitch, Touch, Wiggle, or Tap anything



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Use any two slight body movements for control. Position the sensors wherever the user has the most consistent control without fatigue. Also referred to as a Twitch Switch or Muscle Sensor Switch.

  • Eye wink
  • Raise Eyebrow or wrinkle the forehead
  • Twitch Finger or Toe for people with muscular dystrophy/ALS
  • Clenching the jaw with sensor on platysma / clavicle
  • Shrug Shoulder or wiggle arm
  • anything else you can move - even wiggling your ear
  • make any object an environmentally integrated switch by taping a sensor to it then tap or touch the object

Coin sensors respond to the slight pressure, touch, or temperature.

Stamp sensors detect small movement, vibration, or bending.

The sensitivity for each coin pressure & temperature sensors sensor can be easily adjusted to change the amount of movement needed for activation. Visual led light and audible click provide feedback of when a switch closure is made. 

Operates in 3 Modes

  • Momentary - like pushing a button - activate any switch enabled device - phone, video game
  • Latch or Toggle - like holding down a button or a light swatch - stays on until the user activates again to turn off
  • Timed - stays on for a pre-set period of time (adjustable from 1 to 120 seconds)

Three Versions:

  • Dual Sensor Switches Advanced - 2 sensor inputs, 2 relay switch outputs
    • relays electrically isolate outputs to control 2 inputs on same device without any "bleed-over" effect.
  • Dual Sensor Switches - 2 sensor inputs, 2 switch outputs for 2 separate devices
  • Single Sensor Switch - 1 sensor input, 1 switch output


  • 1 Dual Switch Controller
  • 2 Coin Sensors - Pressure & Temperature
  • 2 Stamp Sensors with Velcro
  • 1 Velcro Headband
  • 1 Roll of Medical Skin Tape
  • (2) 6 feet 1/8" (3.5mm) mono male to mono male cables
  • one 9V Battery


Alternative EMG Nerve Impulse Switch

Returns of this product always incur a 25% restocking fee as the sensors must be cleaned, refurbished, or replaced.

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Sensor Switches - Eye Wink, Twitch, Touch, Wiggle, or Tap anything

Sensor Switches - Eye Wink, Twitch, Touch, Wiggle, or Tap anything


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