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Trade-In Program

Trade-in your out-of-warranty laitteet manufactured by Broadened Horizons Inc. for a double-discount on a New or Refurbished replacement of the same product (same SKU).
  • if your item is under warranty, contact us for repair or replacement.
  • available to end-user's of assistive technologies
Benefits of Trade-In Program
  • Save ~60% to 100% on cost of Replacement (Approximated), often less than total cost of a repair.
    • 20% Instant Discount +20% of Original Purchase Price Coupon + 20%-40% discount on Refurbished Item (optional, if available) +avoided Cost of Repair (typically $95-$450)
  • Prompt Receipt of Replacement - Eliminates weeks without use of your equipment while waiting for repairs.
  • Full Warranty on New Replacement
  • All this because Broadened Horizons can more efficiently refurbish traded-in equipment in batches.
    • Trade-Ins will be offered as discounted refubished replacements, or provided to Experience Centers at discount, or donated to a need-based program.
Who can use Trade-In Program?    -> Question: Is Item Under Warranty?
  • Items under warranty will be repaired, refurbished, or replaced*. Customer Service issues an Under Warranty RMA.
  • Trade-In program is Available if item is Out of Warranty.Repair is not available on out of warranty items**.
  • Trade-in MUST be for same SKU or newer, upgraded version: a similar SKU within the same product family.
  • Trade-In not available if item is not repairable or is wear component. Example: a broken mount bracket would require purchase of a new component since not repairable.
How Trade-In Program Works (4 Steps):
  1. Provide Proof of Purchase:for the item(s) you are wanting to trade-in.
  • Copy of Invoice or Order Confirmation / Receipt
  • Invoice # or Order Confirmation # - we will yrittää to look up and identify from our records (limited if older than 2.5 years)
  • If you received items from a Third-Party Payer, such as the Veterans Administration, contact them to request a copy of invoice for your equipment, or minimally Broadened Horizons order # or invoice #
  • Minimally information about Third-Party Payer if you received items as a gift or from another organization on your behalf. We will research, often successfully but not always.
  • Receive 20% Coupon Code, or Instant Discount on phone orders, with he, Trade-In is restricted to exact same or replacement SKU.
  • Upon confirmingprevious purchase of the SKU viaProof of Purchase, customer service will email a coupon code for 20% of purchase price of (and restricted to) exact same or replacement SKU so customer can purchase new, fully warranted replacement immediately, or a refurbished unit if available. New replacement equipment can be paid for by Credit Card, PayPal, Check or Money Order and will ship immediately without delay.
  • Refurbished Items: If a refurbished version of an item is available, it will be listed on that item's product page. Refurbished items are discounted 20%-50% less than new.
  • Receive RMA for Return of Trade-In:Customer Service will email a Return of Materials Authorization (RMA) for Trading-In of Non-Functioning unit with instructions and where to ship.
  • Customer covers cost of shipping to return traded-in item. Please write RMA Ticket # on the exterior of box. Ideallyinclude aprinted copy of RMA inside package.
  • Customer should include any power supply, adapter, accessories, user manual, or packaging associated with your Traded-in item. We are not concerned about user manuals or packaging, but if a key component is missing, that is required to utilize the equipment when repaired, we reserve the right to refuse the trade-in.
  • Received Coupon Code worth 20% of original Purchase Price of Traded-In Item.Customer can redeem on ANYTHING at Broadened.orgor gift to a friend.
  • Hyväksyessäsi kauppalaitteesi asiakaspalvelu lähettää asiakkaalle kuponkikoodin, joka on hyvä 20%: n alennus kaikista seuraavan ostoksesi tuotteista laajasta verkkoluettelostamme.
- alaviitteet -
*Takuun mukaan - Takuun vaihdon ristin lähetysten käyttö on rajoitettava, mutta sitä voidaan tarjota asiakaspalvelun tai tilinhoitajan tai konsultin kuluttajan harkinnan mukaan.
** Korjauspoikkeus - Jos takuu päättyy kolmen edellisen kuukauden tai 90 päivän kuluessa, asiakaspalvelun on tarjottava ensimmäinen vaihtoohjelma. Jos asiakas pysyy tyytymättömänä, asiakaspalvelu voi harkintansa mukaan tarjota RMA: ta korjattavaksi maksua varten (kustannukset = osat + työvoima + materiaalit). [Ohjeet asiakaspalveluun harkintansa mukaan: Ota huomioon aika takuun päättymisen ja korjauksen monimutkaisuuden jälkeen. Jos korjaus on pieni, nopea ja alhainen kustannus yritykselle, se on hyväksyttävämpi kuin monimutkainen korjaus, joka vaatii merkittävää uudelleenrakentamista, kuten pääpiirilevyn korvaaminen]

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