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  • Google for Nonprofits

    Google for Nonprofits

  • Mightycall


  • Benjamin Moore Paint & Stain

    Benjamin Moore Paint & Stain

    When it comes to premium paints and stains for your home, we have set the standard for excellence. We manufacture our own resins and proprietary Gennex® colorants, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product.......
  • Walt's garage

    Walt's garage

    Walt's Garage has generously helped us to keep our 2003 Chevy Venture Braun Entervan running in tip top condition and provided all the labor to help rebuild as much of the air conditioning system as they were able. A desperate necessity in Florida summers!
  • Mantus Marine

    Mantus Marine

    Mantus Marinessa kehitämme tuotteita, jotka tekevät ajasta vedessä turvallisemman ja nautinnollisemman. Uskomme, että merituotteet ja meren venetarvikkeet ansaitsevat olla käytännöllisiä, kestäviä ja edullisia. Tarkastelemme jatkuvasti uusia tapoja ratkaista olemassa olevat ongelmat tavoitteiden lisäämiseksi suorituskyvyn, helppouden ja kestävyyden saavuttamiseksi.
  • Peerless ACCO Marine ⚓ Anchor Chains

    Peerless Acco Marine ⚓ Ankkuriketjut

    ACCO graciously provided 200' of both Titan 1/2" HT G43 (yes that is from a competitor during covid when supplies were limited) and ACCO 3/8" HT G43 so we can do a long-term comparison. Their chain was matched with new sponsored Maxwell 48v DC Windlass...
  • Vetus Maxwell

    Vanha Maxwell

    Maxwellin Innovatiivinen lähestymistapa suunnitteluun johti automaattisten köyden/ketjun tuulilasien käyttöönottamiseen globaaleille merimarkkinoille 1990-luvun puolivälissä .......
  • Signature Solar

    Allekirjoitus aurinko

    Meet John Goodfellow - husband, guitar collector, Floridian, and executive director at Saint Petersburgh College who became a solar enthusiast. As a resident of the sunshine state, it was really only a matter of time before John developed an interest in solar power for his home.....

    Ennen meitä sponsorointia omistaja vietti 30 minuuttia auttamalla meitä ymmärtämään, miksi alumiiniseosanodit olivat niin paljon parempia kuin sinkki alumiinirungon veneelle etenkin suolaveden ympäristössä. Olimme juuri saapuneet mobiili Alabamaan ...
  • Torrente Kitchens

    Torrente -keittiöt

    Torrente Kitchens donated new cabinets for the kitchen onboard Possibilities. Thank you so much for the generous donation!
  • Glendinning Products


    Glendinning supplies the world with innovative solutions. Established in 1972, Glendinning Products has built a reputation for quality and innovation. This recognition comes from a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service.
  • PYI Inc PSS Shaft Seals

    Pyi Inc PSS -akselitiivisteet

    Two 2" Packless Sealing System Shaft Seals allowed us to eliminate the old traditional shaft seals which are a little more than rope and grease packed and compressed but constantly have a slow dripping leak....
  • Raritan Engineering

    Raritan -tekniikka

    Whether a seafarer or a regular traveler, boat odors are something most have experienced. Boats are natural breeding grounds for mold. The damp, musty odor is quintessential, especially in older boats....

  • Lighthouse Marina

    Lighthouse Marina

    Fuel Dock was fixed though fairly low. Had 1 step with a sharp turn so was not possible to use wheelchair ramp. However owner, Jim was very friendly, enthusiastic about Loopers. Looked like a great restaurant but was not able to try. Tried to consider how could be made to work for wheelchair....
  • Dog River Marina

    Koirajoen venesatama

    The Dog River Marina is more than just a marina! We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your boating needs. Our full-service facility can accommodate pleasure craft up to 150 feet in length with dockside depths from 12 to 17 feet, and our 14-acre marina encompasses 75 slips, 35 of which are sheltered.....
  • EZdock Floating Docks

    EZ Dock kelluvat telakat

    Picture yourself basking in the warm glow of the setting sun, the tranquil waters gently lapping against the hull of your boat as you relax on a spacious and inviting dock. The idyllic scene epitomizes the allure of waterfront living, where cherished moments with family and friends intertwine with the boundless beauty of the water... 
  • Canada Pacific Metal

    Kanada Tyynenmeren metalli

    The 12v DC Octopus Hydraulic Linear Drive was installed to control the rudders but in a way that the entire steering system can be switched in about 30 seconds from modern joystick control or reverted back to the original mechanical cable and pulley large wheel control providing full redundant....
  • Homeport Marina & Lulu's Restaurant

    Homeport Marina & Lulu's Restaurant

    Inclusive Adventures Sponsor. Very wheelchair friendly. Wide floating docks. Gentle ramp angle, vertical wheelchair lift from docks to restaurant level. Craig manages Marina was super friendly and even gave us a ride for groceries and drop off packages!  Try the Crab Nachos, the most cheesy....

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