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  • Jim Debor

    Jim Debor

    Jim had a heart transplant in 2019. It saved his life and changed his perspective on it. Throughout 2021 he spent his morning's on his recumbent bike to strengthen his heart and then stop by Possibilities in Punta Gorda to help Make assemble the 3 15kwh Lifepo4 batteries we designed and built ourselves.............
  • Adam Hill

    Adam Hill

    Adam joined Karla and Mark on M/V Possibilities for 5 weeks in Fort Lauderdale Florida during the of Covid. Adam is a quiet, soft spoken guy who's pleasant to have around with a big heart and lives life on his terms.  He also volunteers on Doctors Without Borders vessels around the world........
  • Captain Peter Puky

    Captain Peter Puky

    Experienced and expert in : charting, navigation, passage planning, piloting, keeping watch, sail trimming, reefing, spinnakers, chutes, foredeck, anchoring, tenders,
    heaving-to and heavy weather strategies , diesel engine, water makers, stabilizer systems, generators, sail repair..........
  • Eric Diamond

    Eric Diamond

    Eric is a key and indispensable. He serves as Treasurer and Director, crew, care giver, and all around embodies "Get'er Done". His positive attitude and fun personality permeates and influences everyone around him.......
  • Mark E Felling, Executive Director

    Mark E Felling, Executive Director

    Although we are only in it’s earliest years, as we embark in this twenty-first century, humanity stands on the verge of the most transforming period in its history.This is a time where the limits of our imagination are the only impediment to our potential advancement as a society.....

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