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Why We Design for Quadriplegics?

Ultimately we serve the public and all of society.We decided we could have the greatest impact on creating inclusive communities and improving the lives of people of All disabilities including the elderly by designing for those who feel like they do not fit in their communities.

Quadriplegics are the most limited physically, yet have full cognitive faculties. Quadriplegics as a group are restricted and penalized from economic participation in their communities by Medicaid policies in their need for personal care.

Lets Find Out

How We Change Lives - Our Programs

We strategically match programs to the communities' needs.

We Provide Tangible Tools that create Possibilities
Technologies designed with user interfaces that do not require the use of hands and fingers create Possibilities.
Inspirational Experiences Provide Perspective
Achievements of quadriplegic leaders provide perspective in making the seemingly impossible possible.

Your Support Turns Challenges into Triumphs.

A few Quadriplegic , Our Tools have Empower to Contribute their Talent

Brooke Ellison

Brooke Ellison overcame paralysis at 11, achieving a Harvard degree and a Ph.D. In 2015, she co-created "Hope Deferred," a documentary on stem cell research. Portrayed in "The Brooke Ellison Story" (2004), she ran for the NY State Senate in 2006, advocating for stem cell research. Using our inclusive QuadMouse throughout, her story embodies resilience and success. While her future political plans are uncertain, her inspiring journey continues.

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Josh Basile 

Josh embarked on his journey as a quadriplegic using our tools in 2013. Since then, he, a C4-5 quadriplegic and disability advocate, founded a nonprofit following his paralysis in 2004. His impactful contributions include establishing the largest paralysis video mentoring network on As an active board member of the United Spinal Association, Josh incorporated an Inclusive VoiceIR environmental voice controller into his life in 2013.

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Lee Sang-Mook

Lee Sang Mook relies on our Comfort Carrier for travel and events, finding it incredibly helpful. Recently, he added another one to his essentials, significantly enhancing his mobility during various activities. This additional carrier is earmarked for deployment in locations where it can make a meaningful impact. Your support plays a vital role in fostering improved mobility and convenience for individuals like Lee Sang Mook.

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We create Possibilities that provide Perspective to find one's unique Purpose.

"Anything Seems Impossible, Until Its Been Done."

-Mark Felling


  • Michelle Hinn,

     "I just started working with Mark on a game industry project for gamers with disabilities and was quick to provide so many alternative solutions that I didn't know about. I will recommend him to my colleagues in the video gaming industry without a doubt...

  • Gy Coordinator,

    "Mark was the guest speaker at UCP’s annual meeting last fall. He showed us several of the assistive technology products he’d been developing, and later advised the purchase of several devices to add to UCP’s demo and loan library....

  • Mary Gulick,

    "Oh my gosh, Mark, I think I love you!  If you are ever in Kansas City, let me cook you dinner .... you have been such a help to me as this is new to us. My son (Ron) will be going to Craig in two weeks for his six month re-eval....

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