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Earn as an Inclusive Ambassador


Are you an enthusiastic expert on a particular piece of assistive technology we offer?  A self-employment work-from-home opportunity for the disabled.

An ambassador demonstrates and teaches about one or more of our assistive technology devices you use that has impacted your life. Educate other disabled individuals who may benefit from it as well.

Earn up to 20% commission!   

Receive guidance and support while developing self-employment skills, confidence, and experience working independently from home. A paid internship for the disabled helping the disabled.


  1. Own and use the assistive technology device you will be educating others about.
    1. Disabled person or friend or family working with them
    2. Professional who directly works with the disabled using assistive technology.  i.e. therapist, ATP, rehabilitation engineer, nurse
  2. All backgrounds. No specific prior experience is needed. You are an expert through your use of the assistive technology item.
  3. If you feel fulfilled helping others, have an insatiable desire to learn, expand your skills, and be an example to others, you will be successful.

Stages of Growth

 Commission Rule Typical / Order
10% earned all products, services, and grants $42-$200 to $1700
15% earned after 2 orders of any one BH product $64-$300 to $2550
20% earned after 5 orders of any one BH product $85-$400 to $3400
28% earned >$3k, min 3 pcs Bulk purchase BH inventory to resell as a Dealer $120-$560 to $4760


  1. Write appropriate informative responses in forums where disabled share and communicate.
  2. Create Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok demo, training, shorts, or interview videos that show others what is possible. Share and promote your videos.
  3. Go in person to demo and teach. We can help you identify many in your area. Rehabilitation centers, veterans administration,  nonprofits serving the disabled, hospitals, nursing homes, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors in every major city, Departments of Health, Medicaid waiver providers,  DME dealers, Centers for Independent Living, emergency preparedness and evacuation, other professionals working with the disabled, Airlines,  tourism providers...
  4. Generate leads with Google or Facebook ads
  5. Share or post articles strategically around the internet, write your own
  6. Facilitate media coverage or interviews with Mark Felling, yourself or other disabled individuals and professionals.
  7. Grant Manager - Identify and apply for Grants to fund Inclusive programs. When successful, we would like to hire you to help us administer the grant, providing continuity and reporting.

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