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Partner Program - Become a Dealer, Distributor, or Experience Center

Together with our knowledgeable partners, we desire to provide end users, their families, communities, and the organizations and facilities that serve them with personalized solutions and local expertise to maximize their independence and the value experienced by pairing Broadened Horizons' innovative assistive technologies designed by the disabled for the disabled with exceptional service and implementation. 
Join our esteemed list of partners to empower mobility impaired individuals through independence. Assistive Technologies designed, manufactured, or integrated by Broadened Horizons are only available through our authorized dealers and distributors**.
  • All Partners receive access to discounted Demo Equipment Program for staff training, supporting sales in a showroom or evaluations, and facilitating superb customer service.
  • All Partners receive access to Partner-Specific Training Webinars
  • All Partners receive Referrals through prominent visual navigation guiding visitors to partners who carry a desired product line.
  • All Partners receive Personalized Pricelist to maximize efficiency.
  • Future - Under Development
    • Dealers & Distributors receive access to personalized Wholesale Quick Ordering and Prioritized VIP Fulfillment 
    • Dealers & Distributors may receive Affiliate Commissions for referrals to BH Direct web store of products Dealer does not carry.


New Partner Credit Program

Experience Center Dealer Distributor
Demo Equipment 35% Off MSRP
Special program for Nonprofits & Government
Dropship (No Minimum) = 25% Off MSRP
$5000 Minimum Stocking = 35% Off MSRP
Demo Equipment 50% Off MSRP
40% Off MSRP - No Dropshipping*
Minimums: $20,000 Initial Purchase, $5000 Per Order
Demo Equipment 50% Off MSRP
i.e.: UCP, MDA, Easter Seals, VA, Voc Rehab, AT Access Act, TEDPA
 Non-exclusive Exclusivity by Market
Market = Industry & Territory
Webinar Training Webinar Training
Schedule Private Team Training

    • Your company must have at least 1 person dedicated to marketing, promotion, installation & support of Assistive Technologies
    • *Drop shipping of Customer Service related exchanges, repairs, or replacement parts may always be requested.
    • Warranty: 1 Year. 
    • Returns: We expect you have evaluated and guided your client to purchase the most appropriate item to their needs.  If something is inappropriate, on request we will help you identify something more appropriate, however we would expect you would make the original item available to another client. Returns on wholesale sales incur a 15% restocking fee.
    • **BH Direct, a direct-to-consumer, web-only store will operate as a separate company, a web-only dealer. BH Direct will retail comprehensive solutions integrating assistive technologies from a variety of manufacturers including Insteon, Zwave, ClickToGo, NaturalPoint, Quha, Clarity, and Broadened Horizons. BH Direct offers a highly consultative process provided over the phone, Skype, or web chat to help assistive technology end-users and their families worldwide, who are not otherwise served by a Broadened Horizons Dealer or Distributor, to identify what assistive technologies would have the greatest impact on enhancing their independence. BH Direct may be offered for sale or lease to one or more select partners in the future who demonstrate the capacity to provide an exceptional consumer-directed consultative experience.
    No Dropshipping*

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