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Robo Arm

Robo Arm Complete Mounting System Pro Evaluation Kit


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Robo Arm Pro Evaluation Kit makes you an instant hero! Perform evaluation and delivery quickly and efficiently while lowering costs. Includes 1 of everything you need to simply take the Kit with you and build a custom mount on-site for your clients, including trying out different combinations and configurations, and attaching base brackets to wheelchair seat frame, bed frame, edge of the desk or table, or even to a wall or coffee table allowing the user to pull up under the mount when it is not attached to the wheelchair.

Then simply visit our Robo Arm Clinic Kit Refill page to refill your kit so you are ready to go for the next visit. You can also use our Robo Arm Mounting System Pro Evaluation Kit Reorder Form pdf document to print and send back to us for easy reordering.

If you are only looking for the mount for a specific client please visit the Robo Arm Mount (Basic) Kit page.

Add the 3rd Arm Professional Evaluation Kit for a completely comprehensive wheelchair mounting solution as 3rd Arm mounts can be added off of the side of the Robo Arm for holding cell phones, palette when painting, a adaptive mouse controller, and more

Kit Includes

All of the following... basically one of everything plus extras of key components so you can build a complete mount. Also, you can order a second Robo Arm (Arm ONLY) MtR0901.p for $300 to add to the Kit so you can build 2 complete kits on site for multiple uses and configurations.
Robo Arm - (Arm Part ONLY) MtR0901.p
Robo Arm Quick Release Plate MtR0929.p
Robo Arm Multiuse Black Aluminum Tray with Velcro Straps for Laptop MtR1374.a
Robo Arm Ventilated Aluminum Laptop Tray with Velcro Loop Straps MtR1376.a
Robo Arm Adjustable Laptop Tray MtR1377.a
3rd Arm Adjustable Tablet Tray Top for 7-11 inch iPad, Android, & Windows Surface MtT0207.a
Robo Arm 4.5'' x 2.5'' Smartphone Top Plate MtR0511.a
Robo Arm Universal Custom Black 'X' Tray Adapter Top with VESA Hole Pattern MtR1375.a
Robo Arm Extra-Large Black Tray for 17'' Laptop, Eating, Newspaper MtR1362.a
Wheelchair Drink Holder - Swiveling & Expandable MtH0805.p
Super Strong Double Face Tape - 3M Interior/Exterior 20lb/sqft (per ft) OfS0399.p
Velcro, both Hook & Loop, 2in wide, 3M Adhesive Backed (per ft) OfS0809.p
Velcro, both Hook & Loop, 1.5in wide, 3M Adhesive Backed (per ft) OfS1251.p
3M Dual Lock Industrial Velcro (per ft) OfS0361.p
Zip Ties, 50 Pack includes 10 of each size plus 2 adhesive mounting bases MtA1252.p
Robo Arm L-Bracket Base bolts to Wheelchair Seat or Bed Frame MtR0239.p
Robo Arm Hardware Kit for Right Angle 'L' Bracket Base MtR1065.b
Adapter Plate 4 for Permobil, Quantum, & Jazzy with Mount'n Mover or Robo Arm MtM1151.p
L-Bracket Extension for Mount'n Mover or Robo Arm Mounts MtM0952.p
Wheelchair 1 inch Round Frame Tubing Clamp MtM0411.p
Wheelchair 7/8 inch Round Frame Tubing Clamp MtM0908.p
Robo Arm 1.2-1.5 inch Chrome Tubing Clamp Base for Manual Wheelchair or Bed Side Rails MtM1153.a
Robo Arm Table Clamp Base MtR0514.p
Robo Arm Surface Mount Base MtR0555.p
Robo Arm 6 Piece Base Bracket Kit MtR0900.p
Robo Arm Bed Mattress Base MtR1050.a
Professional Heavy-Duty Hard Case - Large OfS0898.p

Other Options You May Want to Consider Adding
  • Manual Camera Tripod Head
  • Motorized Camera Tripod Head with fingertip, ability switch, or chin joystick control
  • 3rd Arm Add-on for Robo Arm Mount - hold cell phone, painting palette, or adaptive mouse exactly where you need it


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Robo Arm Complete Mounting System Pro Evaluation Kit

Robo Arm Complete Mounting System Pro Evaluation Kit

Regular price   ₴81,680.00 Sale price   ₴61,260.00

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