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Broadened Horizons' wholesale orders are processed through inclusiveinc.org to streamline fulfillment and provide available inventory. Payment will be made directly to Broadened Horizons using a No-Fee method below to maximize your margins. To discuss becoming a Dealer email info@broadened.com or call +1-612-440-4441

1. Broadened Horizons Dealers, Kirjaudu sisään, ole hyvä before placing an order with your code.

  • DEALERDROPSHIP = $50 minimum order. 20% Discount.
  • DEALERSTOCK = $3000 minimum order. 28% Discount.
    *2.9% convenience fee if credit card is used in any method
    2. Choose "Wholesale Broadened Horizons Dealer" payment method Checkout. You will send payment manually after completing checkout using one of the following FREE payment methods to maximize your margin. Provide your order #.
      • Send FREE ACH from your bank's app or website(2 days) We will email you routing and account instructions after checkout.
      • MeneMelio.me/broadened- FREE ACH (2 days), or credit card (instant) note: a 2.9% fee will be added when paying by credit card
      • Request we invoice you. Invoice email from Novo.co or Melio will have button to add your bank's routing and account number to pay by ACH.
      • Paypal.me/broadened- No fees if you do the following:
        • Change "Product or Service" to "Send to a Friend". We have a relationship. No need for fraud chargeback protection.
        • "From Balance" (instant), or bank account (2 days)
        • Credit Card is available but add 2.9% processing fee to your total
      • Behalf.comfor Net 30 up to 6 mo B2B (Business to Business) credit terms. Maksa nyt(Instant) Most approved in 1 minute
      • Facebook Payments(instant) no fees with Visa/ Debit Card. Send a message to Mark Felling in FB Messenger,select "$" button.
      • Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Company Check (3 days mail, 5 days to clear) Last resort. Please avoid.
    • International
      • Wise.com- Worldwide from your bank or balance to ours (1-4 days).Free 1st transfer up to $500! Formerly TransferWise.
      • International SWIFT Wire Transfer - Instructions after checkout (1 day)

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