We ship as quickly as possible! We ship worldwide.

Inclusive Inc works very hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction around the globe.配信された製品やサービスレンダリングに問題がある場合は、 お問い合わせ そして、私たちはそれを解決するために最善を尽くします。

Inclusive Inc ships WORLDWIDE directly from our warehouse in Benzonia, Michigan throughout the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and most international destinations including Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, all member states of the European Union, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and most other Asian countries.  Only exceptions would be locations not serviced by FedEx, DHL, or UPS such as in time of war.

Most orders received by 12 p.m. are packaged that same day from inventory and are picked up by FedEx that evening or USPS the following morning. More complex orders may require some final assembly, integration, or testing so please allow us a few business days to properly prepare your unique solution.  If there are any expected delays an estimated ship date will be provided whenever possible.


Unless otherwise requested, Inclusive Inc utilizes UPS for most packages, and USPS Priority or First Class Mail for smaller packages.

  • UPS - most US Domestic Ground and Worldwide Express
  • Fedex - UPS alternative
  • USPS - all packages under 1 pound via First Class Mail and some packages under 5 pounds via Priority Mail. Priority Mail International can be a cost-effective option if the national mail service in your country is reliable
  • DHL - International only
  • LTL Truck Freight - any shipments over 150 pounds

Shipping Prices

Our website will provide a shipping quote based on your destination postal code. Please, be aware shipping weights are estimated. We may have to charge additional shipping if you are significantly undercharged.

Some items are marked with FREE Continental US shipping. Shipping costs to other destinations will be as calculated but discounted.

LTL Truck Freight must be quoted but is typically between $250 and $450


All shipments are FOB. FOB origin means "Freight on Board origin" or that possession transfers from shipper to the buyer when the package is accepted by the shipping service provider. FOB origin indicates the buyer pays shipping costs and takes responsibility for the goods. Thus, if a shipping service provider damages your package their responsibility is to the buyer, not the shipper.

International Tax and Duty Exemptions

Internationally,almost all of Broadened Horizons products are exempt from tax including VAT, GST, HST in most countries under customs harmonization code 9817.00.96 "Articles specially designed or adapted for the use or benefit of the blind or physically handicapped persons"。 However, we have no influence on your country's customs officials if they decide a product does not qualify under HS Code 9817.0 0.96. The clientis responsible for any import duties or taxes imposed by your country.そのような料金が請求されている場合は、返金の資格がある可能性があるため、免除状況の可能性について尋ねてください。

Expected Timeframes

UPS Ground Shipping Times

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    FedEx LogoPlease contact us for a Custom Rate Quote on orders over $2000
    Map of FedEx Ground Transit Shipping Times from Broadened Horizons
    Example: A package shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday with a transit schedule of 2 business days, (not including the day the package is shipped) would be expected for delivery on Wednesday. A package shipped on Friday with a 2-day transit schedule would be expected for delivery the following Tuesday.
    • 上記のフェデックスグラウンドトランジットタイムマップは、一般的な表現です。料金と輸送時間を取得します FedEx.comの[船]タブの下。
    • フェデックスグラウンド営業日は月曜日から金曜日までです(休日を除く)。フェデックスの宅配事業日は火曜日から土曜日までです(休日を除く)。




    EST(東部基準時。コスト /アイテム

    USPS優先メール (保険は利用できません)
    USPS Global Express
    $18 - $55

    $35 - $75
    USPS優先メール (保険は利用できません)
    $24 - $75
    USPS Global Express
    $39 - $99




    Bongo Internationalは、クライアントに独自の米国の住所を提供します。米国を拠点とする他のオンライン小売業者と同様に、私たちと一緒に購入することができます。 Bongoは購入を受け取り、それらをオンラインシステムに記録します。これは、アイテムを表示し、複数の注文で統合するために使用できます。



  • FedExオンライン請求損害と損失のための申請書
  • USPSは、特別な場合を除き、500ドル以上の保険を提供していません。 500ドル以上の保険が必要な場合は、FedExを選択してください。