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  • Create Possibilities
  • Provide Perspective
  • Discover Purpose

Become A Knight of Dexteritas

Arthur had the Knights of the Round Table. Inclusive has the Knights of Dexteritas*

  • Knights are the guardians of Inclusive's Mission and Beliefs.
  • Knights share their wisdom and talents or "readiness, skillfulness, aptness, and prosperity" as the "skillful" "right hand" advisors to Inclusive's Board.
  • All Inclusive Board Members are Knights.
  • A Kight's monthly gift demonstrates commitment to sponsors, foundations, & grants

Join Now. There is no obligation.

Give as much or as little as you are able. You may adjust your monthly contribution or cancel at any time.


  • Enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded Knights
  • Be the leverage to maximize the impact of your gift and others
  • Invitations to quarterly Knights-only Zoom meetings (our "Round Table")
  • Receive Knights-only newsletter on successes and uniquely: threats & challenges
  • Receive a "Knight of Dexteritas" shirt on signup and annual membership gift set
  • Knights are encouraged to visit our home base in N Fort Myers, Florida as a volunteer. Help build programs or for an Inclusive Adventures' Perspective event

*Dexteritas is Latin, the nominative form of dexteritatem or genitive of meaning: "readiness, skillfulness, prosperity, aptness" from dexter "skillful," also "right (hand)" - English dexterity. French dexterité.

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