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Our Volunteers are the lifeblood that makes everything a reality. Sign up Now

We recognize volunteer contributions equal to any donor or sponsor!*

Local Fort Myers, FL Crew Volunteer Crew Opportunities 

  • Event Planners
  • USCG Captains - minimum 60 ft+ 
  • Marine Engineers* - experienced and learning
  • Experienced Deckhand / Steward 
  • Handyperson* - are you good with tools? Learn:
  • DC Wiring Technician*

  • Aluminum Welding*
  • Carpenter*
  • Diesel Mechanics*
  • Caregiver / Nurse
  • *may be invited to fly in and stay aboard for 1 week to 1 month*

Online Skilled Volunteers Needed

  • Membership Program Coordinator - Facebook / Patreon Community Manager
  • Video Editor / Youtube Channel Manager
  • Help Fundraise - peer to peer or within your company
  • Grants Coordinator and Grant Writing
  • Collaboration Coordinator - Develop relationships with Organizations that agree with our mission and advocacy

Please Sign Up Now!  Be informed of volunteer needs, programs, and events when posted.

    Volunteer Events Page on Point 

    Volunteer Opportunities are also posted on the following sites:

     Facebook Page CrewBay FindaCrew

    Crew Agreement - All crew members must be

    • Vetted by our director and captain
    • 18 years of age to participate independently (exceptions permitted)
    • In an emergency, you must be able to float while wearing a life jacket. This may limit participation by individuals on a ventilator to only being onboard when in port (with exceptions).
    • Be willing to take orders without argument given by the Captain, First Mate, or Directors and execute to the best of your ability, and explain if unable
    • Participate in safety drills and help others to the best of your ability in any emergency

    • Perform assigned tasks with a positive, can-do attitude
    • Communicate appropriately, and treat all with dignity and courtesy.
    • Be positive, willing to learn, and help to the best of your abilities
    • Be responsible for own actions and behavior
    • Romantic relationships are strongly discouraged with other crew members

    • Assist with meal preparation and cleanup. Ability to cook is not required, but you must be willing to try, learn, and help
    • Assist with keeping the vessel neat, clean, and tidy. Everything must be put back in its place.
    • Ask when not sure about how something works or if any procedure is unclear
    • Never be under the influence of alcohol or any drug or substance during vessel operations or activities, nor abuse in excess to be a safety hazard to yourself or others
    • Must be willing to making a difference and have positive impact by sharing your experiences, how you grew, or how your perspectives were impacted.

    Participation Requirements

    • Must sign crew agreement and the membership participation waiver.
    • Must complete an information, medical, and emergency contacts form.
    • Must have medical / health insurance for duration of participation.
    • Must submit personal information for background check if requested.
    • Must have transportation to and from Possibilities at the start and end of participation.
    • Share all of the photos and videos you take during the experience to use for storytelling, promotion and other mission-related purposes.
    • Participate in a final crew photo and group video interview recalling highlights of your experience that will be shared with all crew members and donors or sponsors.
    • Complete this personal post-participation survey within 1 month while the experience is fresh in your mind to help us improve. We are happy to sign any participation or community service forms.

    * Volunteer contributions are recognized and acknowledged at a conservative Fair Market Value. US IRS regulations do not allow tax deductibility of volunteer labor. Professional services provided by an established provider may be tax deductible. Consult your accountant.POINT is our free volunteer management tool specifically for nonprofit organizations with website signup and both an iOS and Android check-in time tracking appsTaproot Foundationhelps us connect to volunteers with special IT and consulting skills.

    Catchafire is a unique volunteer recruitment platform focused on connecting highly-skilled volunteers with nonprofit volunteer opportunities in marketing, communications, human resources, or fundraising.VolunteerMatch helps 100,000 nonprofit organizations recruit from 3.8 million qualified volunteers.Engage isPoints of Light’s world’s largest free online volunteer recruitment marketplace. United Way,, the White House platform, and the Corporation for National and Community Service use Engage.

    Mobilize helps nonprofits recruit volunteers from a network of two million and manage events. Price is offered after a demo. Some organizations may qualify for a free account. Mobilize can help you easily recruit volunteers, retain them, and boost their engagement for in-person and virtual events.Civic Champs helps nonprofits recruit and manage up to 250 volunteers for $880/yr. Trusted by United Way and Habitat for Humanity.VolunteerLocal helps to streamline volunteer recruitment, management, and engagement efforts. Plan starts at $600/yr or per-event pricing for one-time engagements.

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