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Rio Mobility

Firefly 2.5 Electric Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment


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  • Performance 48 volt can go up to 20 miles per hour for more than 40 miles! 
  • Compact is so small it'll fit in the overhead bin in an aircraft for travel
  • Commuter fits right in the middle  up with the right balance of size and performance for buzzing around a city or neighborhood


The Firefly™ is easily adjusted to customize the fit for each rider. Mounts securely to almost all adult and pediatric chairs. Run errands or visit friends on a whim. Have a blast!

Reaching speeds up to 12 mph (18kph) , the Firefly is perfect around town: faster than a scooter and no need to transfer from your wheelchair. The Firefly is the perfect solution for travelling around town while easing the strain on your upper body. It easily clamps to most wheelchairs and the height is adjustable to custom fit each user. The Firefly's lithium battery lasts for over 3000 charges and can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. Traveling up to 12mph (18kph) lets you leave joggers in the dust. Feel the breeze on your face, the freedom and speed to go where you want and do what you want. Nothing can stop you now!

Firefly replaces the Dragonfly's hand-crank with a compact motor to propel your chair while you steer. Get the functionality of a scooter, only faster, without transferring from your manual wheelchair. Go anywhere you want, not just on flat ground! Power through the hills of San Francisco, over the grassy knolls in Golden Gate Park, and up the trails of Muir Woods!

Patented "Quick Dock" mounting system securely attaches the Firefly™ to your wheelchair and removal is a snap too! Lightweight and easy to put on and take off so you have power when you need it! Included Clamps will accommodate 99.9% of wheelchairs worldwide which have round tubing in diameters of: 7/8 inch (22.2mm), 1 inch (25.4mm), 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm), 1.2 inch (30 mm), and 1 1/4 inch (31.8mm).

Lightweight high-capacity lithium battery has an extra-long life and gives you an extended range. One user traveled over 15 miles on a single charge, across hilly San Francisco! Our battery lasts over 3000 charge cycles, compared to only 500 cycles for a heavier lead-acid battery.

The Firefly™ is powered by a powerful, compact, and quiet hub motor. With an adjustable top speed of 6 to 12 mph (10 - 18 kph), you'll be flying along. Can be driven in both forward and reverse for maximum maneuverability.

With the new 36V electronics, the headlight automatically turns on and off when you turn the LCD display back-light on and off. To turn on or off the LCD Backlight & Headlight, Hold both UP and MODE buttons for 3 seconds when evening is approaching.

Compatible with almost every wheelchair made! Not compatible with Colors Extreme, Extreme Pro, nor Quantum Stylus.

The Firefly is reimbursable by medical insurance under code E0984 and by the Veterans Administration. Please contact-us for more information on how to get your Firefly today!

We do ship WORLDWIDE, tax (VAT, HST, or GST) and duty FREE to most jurisdictions. We have special exemption codes for Canada, Australia, UK, EU, Asia, and any countries that honor United States HS Customs Codes.

Ship Weight 25 lbs

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Firefly Limited Dexterity Electric Wheelchair Handcycle Motorbike - FREE Shipping Continental US - Broadened Horizons Direct

Firefly 2.5 Electric Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment


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