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Urology Health

Ferticare 2.0 High Frequency Vibrator for ED and SCI Ejaculation - FREE USA Shipping! We ship Worldwide!


Stimulates & Rehabilitates Erection & Ejaculation without drugs!

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The Ferticare 2.0 is the most powerful medical vibrator to help men with spinal cord injury to achieve ejaculation. This device is for external use only and the pad area is placed to the dorsum (top) or frenulum (bottom) of the glans or head of the penis.

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A recent comparison study of Ferticare 2.0 (made in USA) and Ferticare Personal (no longer available - made in Belgium) at the Miami Project for SCI showed a significantly higher success rate with Ferticare 2.0. 

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 70-110 Hz
  • Amplitude Range (peak to peak): 0.5 – 4.5 mm
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Order yours today!
  • The product color is white and gray as shown in the first packaged photo 

Articles and Research Studies


  • Verticare v2 high-frequency vibrator
  • Battery Charger - supports worldwide 100v to 240v AC Input
    • International customers may need to obtain locally a US-to-EU or US-to-UK AC Power Plug Adapter
  • 2-Pack Replacement Applicator Pads
  • Discrete gray soft storage bag 9" x 6" x 3"  1 lb 4 oz 
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty. Ferticare 2.0 warranty is not transferable to another individual or entity. This is a personal item and should not be resold to another person. Second-hand items are not warranted. 

Complementary Products

  • Add extra 2-Pack Replacement Applicator Pads now and save on future shipping
  • Upgrade to Three-year Warranty

Shipping Dimensions 12" x 7" x 3" 1.5 lb

Due to its hygienic and very personal nature, this item is not refundable under any circumstances after purchase.

Sex, Masturbation, and Achieving Ejaculation after SCI

From Live to Roll - You might be asking yourself if you can ever have sex again after your Spinal Cord Injury.. In most cases, the answer is going to be YES. Sex may be a little different than before your injury but is still very enjoyable and always amazing with the right partner. Most of the information on this page is for males, mainly because it's based on my knowledge and experience as a male quadriplegic.   

Getting an Erection

  • Usually caused by sensual touching of the penis
  • Most men can get an erection with sensual touching after they take a medication like Viagra, Cialis, etc. talk to a doctor about medication options.
  • If you are still having issues getting an erection, talk to your health professional about other options.
  • Other options include a constricting ring(penis ring), vacuum suction device, injection of medications into the penis, or even a surgically implanted penile prosthesis.
  • Always consult your doctor before trying anything you’re unsure of..

Sexual Arousal

  • Physical Reflex —Arousal that occurs in response to sensual touching.
  • Psychogenic —Arousal that occurs from psychological sexual sensations such as sexual thoughts, sights, smells, or sounds that turn you on sexually.
  • Try stimulating your body in sexual ways to find out if you become aroused. Does masturbation feel good? Does oral sex? You might also enjoy touching areas like your neck, ears, nipples, and inner thighs.
  • Talk to your doctor. Changing your medications may help with the problem. Oftentimes, spasticity medications, pain medications, or antidepressants are contributing factors. 

An orgasm is a reflex response of the nervous system that makes you feel good and relaxes you. Most people with SCI can still orgasm.

Orgasm after injury

 Here are some important facts to know.

  • Stimulation to the genitals is usually a good way to achieve orgasm.
  • Sensual touching in the area where your sensation changes (at your injury level) may help to achieve orgasm.
  • Achieving orgasm can take longer and most likely feel “different” than it did before your injury.
  • Women—using a vibrator is helpful for achieving an orgasm.
  • Men—can have orgasms where the semen goes back into the bladder instead of coming out through the penis (also known as retrograde ejaculation).
  • Orgasms are often followed by a decrease in spasticity.

Tips for Achieving Male Ejaculation

  • Spasticity medications, pain medications, or antidepressants can inhibit getting an erection or ejaculation
  • UTIs can affect your ability to get an erection or ability to ejaculate. See a doctor if you have symptoms 
  • Sometimes being tired or a lack of sleep can also affect getting an erection
  • For many men, including myself, its easiest to get a good erection and be able to ejaculate in the morning shortly after waking up and before taking any medications for the day
  • It can help to take a medication like Viagra before trying to ejaculate, even for masturbation. Most vibrator devices will work flaccid but have better results while erect

Pull straight up on Gray Pad to remove and clean. Push down on the center of the gray pad to snap it back on. Replace the gray pad as needed. 2 extra gray pads are included, and more can be purchased.

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Ferticare 2.0 High Frequency Vibrator for ED and SCI Ejaculation - FREE USA Shipping! We ship Worldwide!

Ferticare 2.0 High Frequency Vibrator for ED and SCI Ejaculation - FREE USA Shipping! We ship Worldwide!

$720.00 USD

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