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Adaptive Swim Life Jacket for Disabled (Shipping included)

Lj-A XL 145-250 lb u

For Swimming / Adaptive Sports. Not USCG for Boating.

$525.00 USD

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  • Designed by the Disabled
    for the Disabled
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Designed for disabled people with reduced mobility of all ages. Helps keep the face out of the water by maintaining the user in an upright position. Allows individuals to swim comfortably on their stomachs and to float on their back. It reassures the most apprehensive users and gives them the freedom to acquire autonomy in the water. Great capacity to bring the face out of the water almost instantly. 

Supports mental or physically disabled persons in an upright verticle position for swimming. Ideal for those able to put their face into the water but as soon as they stop moving the vest can bring them to a vertical position as their feet sink or with small ankle weights. They are able to independently maneuver themselves. This vest helps at the ventral position. It provides superior stability to the front.

(…) "What a rush!!! I feel totally safe. I am sure that if I needed to have a sleep out there on the Lake I could. This is a wonderful PFD. Worth twice the money, but don't double your price, many individuals could not afford it. I have at least eight other jackets in the basement, all CSA approved, none of them worked.”  (…)
  - John Rogers, Former Executive Director Canadian Paraplegic Association, Nova Scotia

Swim Life-jacket Features

  • Keeps the user’s face out of the water.
  • Great performance for a minimum thickness of floats , Patented.
  • Freedom of movements allow moving on water.
  • Stops the tension of the neck.
  • Stability on water.
  • Upright position.
  • Autonomy acquirement of the user.
  • Back support.
  • Therapist hands free!
  • Double harness distributes tension’s adjustment.
  • Possibility to add the Harness Pad (or “Cuissard” in french) to increase comfort for women and distributes tension’s adjustment between the legs.
  • Therapist hands free! Allows the user to float without assistance: therapists obtain the hands free to give their cares.
  • No latex.

Best float for disabled

In case where the person suffers from spasms or from an underdeveloped bottom part of the body, it is suggested to use the Back Float model for poly-handicaps.

CE approved or EC approved

Lj-A Model (en Français: GS-A)
Certified from expert by the CRITT sport-leisure activities, According to an internal protocol based on the NF standard IN 12402-3 of 07/2010. Protocol CRITT ISO 150N

CRITT Laboratory, Chatellerault, France

Our safe and reliable lifejackets have revolutionized water safety for people with physical disabilities. 

Designed to meet the needs of people having lost control of their movements or survival reflexes according to very high standards established by hospitals, PFD-A’s and Lj-A’s were first developed in rehabilitation centers to meet the needs of individuals experiencing loss of autonomy through Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Epilepsy.

Our vests meet the needs of a large clientele such as hydro-therapists, enthusiasts, vacationers, senior citizens, children and infants.

Our life jackets are increasingly setting the standards in water safety.

A unique therapy tool

PFD A and Lj-A life jackets are great tools for physio- and ergotherapists. For the first time, these professionals have access to a steady and safe support while they dispense their treatments. These safety vests are resistant to involuntary reflexes while at the same time stabilizing the body in the water.

Therapists can now extend their hydro-therapeutic care simultaneously to a greater number of individuals while improving the quality of therapy sessions.

Safety and Freedom, Freedom of movement

The unique design of the Lj-A model keeps the body upright and the face out of the water.

The Life jacket-Adapted or Lj-A is designed for disabled people. It ensures a very high degree of stability. The body leans neither to the back nor to the side and, even more important, the face always remains out of the water. Lj-A protects life.

This life vest allows individuals to swim comfortably on their stomach. Its stability reassures the most apprehensive users and enables them to participate in aquatic programs.

When a person can place him- or herself in an upright position, the Swim life vest should be used rather than one of the Back Floating models. Gives users the freedom they need to become autonomous with increased support of the head.


Size Chart

LJ-A Model - Disabled people / Upright position

XXS Infant 18 - 30 8 - 14 30 - 38 25 - 108 69
XS Child 30 - 45 14 - 21 30 - 38 25 - 112 77
S Child 45 - 70 21 - 32 32 - 40 38 - 114 87
M Teenager 70 - 100 32 - 45 32 - 44 38 - 129 119
L Adult 100-145 45 - 65 32 - 44 40 - 129 134
XL Adult 145-250 65 - 115 41 - 58 54 - 150 165

LJ-A Harness Pad

S Women 18 - 70 8 - 32 - - -
M Women 70 - 250 32 - 115 - - -


1 Week Trial 

You are able to try for 1 week and exchange for another size / model. The vest must be resaleable. Any trace of sunscreen or lotion on the fabric will void this trial. Click Here to request an exchange.

Award-winning Life jackets

Award-winning image

medal1 medal2 medal3

  1. Gold Medal with special mention from the jury at the Geneva International Invention Fair
  2. The Portuguese Coastal Guard Award, an important recognition in the maritime field
  3. The Quebec Entrepreneurship contest, creative section
  4. Medal of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Association (SFMS). At the Paris International Fair
  5. Gold Medal at the Paris International Fair
Shipping / Returns
  • This product is made to order. Typically there is a 1-2 week delay between when you order and the product ships. They are manufactured for us in batches and ship once every two weeks. 
  • Shipping of $60-$80 is non-refundable.

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Adaptive Life Jacket for Disabled - Broadened Horizons Direct

Adaptive Swim Life Jacket for Disabled (Shipping included)

$525.00 USD

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