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डीसी-डायरेक्ट यूएसबी पीडी 3.1 ईपीआर (विस्तारित पावर रेंज) 48 वी 240W चार्जर (विकास के तहत)

$95.95 USD

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Provides you with a safe and reliable DC-Direct wall or panel-mount DC outlet based on USB-C standards that can power 5v, 12v, 15v, 19v, or 24v devices and future 28v, 36v, and 48v devices up to 240w.

Uniquely supports 10V-60V DC-Direct voltage input. Install in 36V/48V/60V yachts, RVs, off-grid homes, golf carts, EVs, ships, trucks, and construction vehicles.  Also supports 12V/24V cars and trucks. 10V-60V LED voltage display shows real-time battery status.

Officially certified USB fast Rapid charger: PD3.0 30W + QC 36W output combination can provide up to 66W power output.  Future PD3.1 240W under development 

Compatible Devices

  • Dashcams, Smartwatches

Laptops, LED TVs, C-PAP/BiPAP, Li-ion Vacuums, Routers: PD3.0 30W does not provide enough power to charge most laptops. This will be supported on PD3.1 240W Chargers under development.  We do have other DC-Direct chargers and power supplies with 10v-30v CLA, XLR, or 5.5x2.1 input for all laptops, LED TVs, C-PAP/BiPAP, and most devices with a DC power socket normally powered by or sold with an AC/DC adapter with 5v/6v/9v/12v/15v/18.5v/19v/20v/22v/24v output up to 100w or USB-C up to 24v 7a 140w.

  • Aluminum alloy provides good heat dissipation, safer than plastic chargers + scratch and abrasion resistantance. Includes rubberized waterproof and dustproof cap, for harsh environments.
  • Compact and space-saving, and the wiring is hidden under the dash for a clean look.


Input: 48v Volts DC - wide 10v-60v range




  • 10V-60V USB Outlet
  • 24" inch (60cm) Wires with fuse holder
  • 2 Fuses
  • Wall-mount Panel

Future: What is PD3.1 Super Fast Charging Protocol

What is the Prospect of PD3.1 Super Fast Charging Protocol?

On May 25, 2021, the USB-IF Association launched USB PD3.1 super fast charging protocol, specifying the maximum output power remained unchanged at 100W and, at the same time, adding Extended Power Range (EPR for short) which extends maximum out power from 100W to 240W.

EPR adds three new fixed voltage ranges of 28V, 36V and 48V and three adjustable voltage ranges (Adjustable Voltage Supply, AVS for short); maximum current level remains unchanged at 5A.

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Apple also launches the corresponding PD3.1 notebook computer in 2021. From this point of view, the high-power fast charging of PD3.1 will be popularized to most digital terminals. Apple has been promoting the application of the USB-IF industry standard in terminals, and with its strong brand influence, it has moved almost all of its product lines to USB-C applications.

We believe that in measurable future PD3.1 will be compatible with more and more devices in the terminal. The home appliances closely related to us will enable corresponding PD3.1 charging protocol soon. The products already built in with this super fast charging protocol include MacBook Pro 2021/2022, smart home appliances related products etc..

Going forward, PD3.1 will become a common fast charging scene of daily life, which can be used at will in products such as low-power electric vehicles (2 wheels), desktop computers/power tools, etc., so the world will be truly interconnected.

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डीसी-डायरेक्ट यूएसबी पीडी 3.1 ईपीआर (विस्तारित पावर रेंज) 48 वी 240W चार्जर (विकास के तहत)

डीसी-डायरेक्ट यूएसबी पीडी 3.1 ईपीआर (विस्तारित पावर रेंज) 48 वी 240W चार्जर (विकास के तहत)

$95.95 USD

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