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      Fiscal Responsibility

      Participating in a day cruise with us is FREE. Our board management is 100% volunteer. Most of our crew are volunteers. Our solutions are designed by the disabled for the disabled and predominantly implemented by ourselves mitigating costs and maximizing every dollar.

      Of course providing bucket list experiences generally thought to be near impossible is costly. Marina fees, fuel, vessel modifications, and maintenance. However, by keeping operations recreational, non-commercial, and member oriented we should be able to continue to provide experiences at less than 25% of the market rate of $6000-$10,000 per person per week for a river cruise with 8-10 cabins. A private charter being a closer comparison we do even better. We rely solely on your generous donations and support to directly and impactfully change lives and perspectives through the crucible of self-discovery. Adventure provides participants with the rare opportunity and motivation to push beyond our preconceived self-imposed limitations.

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