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How We Change Lives - Our Programs

We strategically match programs to the communities' needs.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Inclusive Technologies

Creates Possibilities by providing:

  1. Assistive technology tools to empower the disabled without functioning hands or fingers.
  2. Guidance to find the best solutions from Disabled experts who intimately understand.
  3. A bridge to funding over the murky waters of bureaucracy and insurance to ease acquisition.
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Inclusive Adventures

Provides Perspective through life-changing experiences that Inspire, Motivate, and Educate.

We stimulate a fundamental shift in perspective from programmed, vulnerable dependency to confident, capable self-determination.

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Inclusive Living

provides housing and homecare solutions to keep quadriplegics and elderly at home, engaged as contributing members of their community who feel a sense of purpose.

Coaching assessment, home modification design, accessible personal transportation, small
business self-employment, telework from home.

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