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Broadened Horizons

Upper Arm Shoulder & Elbow Exoskeleton - 3 Dimensional Mobile Arm Support


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A state-of-the-art, lightweight exoskeleton or 3-Dimensional Mobile Arm Support gives children and adults with muscle weakness the ability to lift and move their arms against gravity in 3-dimensional space to perform activities of daily living. Attaches to most wheelchairs and mobility seating systems.

Can be used in combination with a PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis for those unable to move fingers or with a weak grasp.

  • Eating and Drinking Independently
  • Grooming - wipe or scratch eyes, nose, or mouth. Brush teeth.
  • Communications, Safety, and Self Advocacy by making calls or text tapping on a Smartphone on a Broadened Horizons 3rd Arm Mount
  • Education and Employment by Writing with a pen and using a Laptop computer or Tablet with our Robo-Arm Mount or Mount-n-Mover
  • Picking up or setting down objects on a table or in a drawer such as a book, TV remote, snack, etc.
  • Recreation - Painting, Drawing, Video Games, Card & Board Games, even playing with a pet or sibling

Approximates normal human anatomy with two links and four degrees of motion It incorporates elastic band elevation assists for both the shoulder and elbow to totally eliminate gravity influence on the extremity. The unique design of the shoulder and elbow joints allow for a significant improvement in the available range of motion when compared to other assistive devices.

These Neuromuscular Diseases and Spinal Cord Injuries will likely use daily.

  • Muscular Dystrophy - MD
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy - SMA
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS
  • C4 Quadraplegics
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Elderly

Use for the following disabilities can be therapeutic to very effectively build strength post-trauma simply performing normal daily activities. Many reduce band assistance over time and can graduate to arm movement without the Exoskeleton within 6 months to 1 year, using it thereafter for specific activities.

  • C5 Quadraplegics or Incomplete C4, C3's
  • Stroke

Conceived, developed, and patented by the Pediatric Engineering Research Laboratory (PERL), in the Center for Orthopedics Research and Development (CORD) at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware.

Mechanical Simplicity - No Programming

Can be purchased directly and mounted on a wheelchair with the assistance of a friend or family member familiar with basic hand tools. Expect to make trial adjustments or increase / decrease assistance bands over the first few weeks.

Therapist or Orthotist - A local therapist or orthotist can help with final fitting and maximize use for activities of daily living.

We ship Internationally


  • Exoskeleton Arm - assembled as left or right and adjustable to fit most children through adult arms.
  • 3 Mounting Bases for all types of wheelchairs and seating systems
  • Right or Left Forearm Support of appropriate size
  • Product Manual


Forearm Support Measurement Instructions     [Download PDF]

Clarification: Elbow to wrist crease length (no subtraction)

  • WFS-6 Ex.Small - Minimum - 6" Maximum - 7-1/2"
  • WFS-8 Small - Minimum - 8-1/2" Maximum - 9-1/2"
  • WFS-9 Medium - Minimum - 9-1/2" Maximum - 10-1/2"
  • WFS-10 Large - Minimum - 10-1/2" Maximum - 12"
  • WFS-11 Ex.Large - Minimum - 11-1/2" Maximum - 13"
  • WFS-1C Custom - Provide Elbow to wrist crease length & Largest Circumference of Forearm

30 Day Manufacturer's Return Policy - Purchase with confidence - you have 30 days to verify fit and function.

To receive a refund the WREX must be received back in like new, resalable condition in all of its original packaging. If a part or component is damaged, determined by our sole discretion, the cost of replacement part or components will be subtracted from refund. If the returned WREX requires repackaging or other rework, it may be subject to a small restocking fee not to exceed 15%.

Insurance Reimbursement

Therapists, DME ATP's, and Orthotists

Therapists may be able to utilize HCPCS L-Code: 3999 - MISC

For a DME to get fully and properly reimbursed requires the use of a combination of codes. HICPIC K0108 (with retail), E-Codes (cost only). DME Billing Information Sheet.

Discounts are available to Licensed DME ATP's or Orthotists assisting clients. Please e-mail us your credentials and client name after checking out using the PO method and we will apply your discount.

End User Instructions

  1. Print 3 copies this webpage to take along when you visit your Doctor and Wheelchair Durable Medical Equipment vendor or Therapist or Orthotist.
  2. Visit your Doctor to obtain a short prescription or referral (1 or 2 lines is all that is necessary) to see your local Physical or Occupational Therapist first for an “evaluation" and second to see your local Orthotist. The Therapist and Orthotist will need this prescription or referral from your doctor to bill your insurance on your behalf. Take along a printed copy of this webpage so they know what you are referring to.
  3. Visit your local Physical or Occupational Therapist. Your therapist will need to write up a justification for why you need and will benefit from the WREX. This additional documentation is typically required for insurance reimbursement under Miscellaneous L-code 3999.
  4. Visit your local Orthotist (Search for an orthotist near you by Zip code). Take along a printed copy of this webpage so that you know what you are referring to.
  5. Professional faxes (866-672-8919) or e-mails P.O. to Inclusive Technologies (
  6. After your Orthotist receives your completed Exoskeleton, they will schedule a second appointment for you to come in for final fitting then send you on your way and bill your insurance on your behalf.


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Upper Arm Shoulder & Elbow Exoskeleton - 3 Dimensional Mobile Arm Support

Upper Arm Shoulder & Elbow Exoskeleton - 3 Dimensional Mobile Arm Support

$4,848.00 USD

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