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Power2Go Dual USB Phone & Tablet 3A Rapid Charger for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more

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Recharge Anywhere! Never without Power!

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Charge or power any two USB devices at once including: cell phones, smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 and video players, and portable gaming systems, and much, much more.

Works great for:

  • iPhones, iPods, iPads & other Apple Devices
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Windows Phones & Media Players
  • PSP (Playstation) & Nintendo DS & Gameboy
  • Digital Cameras, Misting Fan, Can Cooler, LED Lights

Perfect for charging any USB device for the Power Wheelchair Charging port. Specially designed to allow the user to drive the wheelchair while providing more than 3 Amps to rapidly charge 2 devices at the sametime.

Conveniently plugs into the charging socket on the joystick controller or head array display of your power wheelchair for a quick charge. Integrate under your wheelchair seat by directly connecting to the wheelchair batteries using the OPTIONAL Power2Go Secondary Charging Socket Cable Kit

Some users express concern about draining the wheelchair batteries. However, the wheelchair batteries have nearly 50-100 times the capacity of what is needed to recharge a cell phone or tablet. Your power chair would keep your USB device charged for 1 month or more!

Power2Go line includes many other chargers and power adapters such as for laptops and augmentative communication devices, 12VDC cigarette lighter automotive devices, 120 VAC wall outlet inverter, heated mug, heating blanket, cooling seat overlays, and more!

Input: 12~30 Volt DC
Output: 2 - Female USB 5 Volt DC 3.1 Amp (Max)

Our newest and most popular charger from our unique Power2Go Power Wheelchair Charging line.

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One Year Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!



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