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Dual Sensor Switches - Eyebrow, Wink, Grimace, Shrug, Touch, Tap anything

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Two inputs control two separate switch outputs! With adjustable sensitivity the switches can be activated by even the slightest movement! Position the sensors wherever the user has the most control. Four sensors are included: 2 round disc Touch or Pressure Sensors and 2 Twitch Sensors that detect the slightest movement or bending of the sensor surface.

Common methods of activating the sensors include raising an eyebrow (headband included), wrinkling the forehead, clenching the jaw (with sensor on platysma / clavicle), wiggling a shoulder, flexing the Brachioradialis muscle just below the elbow for C5 quadriplegics, wiggling a fingertip for people with muscular dystrophy, or anything else you can move - even wiggling your ear! Even tape a sensor to your desk, table, or any other object and by tapping or touching it it becomes a huge environmentally integrated switch!

The sensitivity for each sensor can be easily adjusted to change the amount of movement needed for activation. A small light provides feedback when a switch closure is made. Operates in three modes: momentary, timed and latch. The timer is adjustable from 1 to 120 seconds.

Features Relays on outputs to electronically isolate each switch output from the other without any "bleed-over" effect.

Also see the Single Sensor Switch (1 inputs and 1 switch outputs)

Requires 1 9-V Battery.

Returns of this product always incur a 25% restocking fee as the sensors must be cleaned, refurbished, or replaced.

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