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Broadened Horizons

VersaLift Application Consultation


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VersaLift patient transfer solutions result from collaboration between three highly innovative customer-focused Accessibility Designers/Manufacturers with combined 60+ years of experience solving accessibility challenges.

VersaLift is about versatility. One lift for Home, Work, Travel, and Adventure. Solutions typically range from $3500 to $7500. Solutions with bases/attachments in many locations or requiring custom engineering will have additional costs.

Your consultation will be with Mark E Felling, Quadriplegic Engineer with extensive experience in Electrical, Rehabilitation, and Marine Engineering, Patented Inventor of Comfort Carrier Manual Transfer Sling Seat used by thousands all over the world and highly recommended by professionals, and himself a Pilot, Marine Captain, and 5'11" 270lb power wheelchair user that depends on lifts daily. To make the best use of your consultation please share with us photos or videos of desired locations. We may request a Video call to clarify details. We found this to be the most time effective with maximum clarity to avoid unintended assumptions or misunderstandings.

Result: You will be asked a variety of questions and clearly presented options. Through this process, you will together arrive at a conceptual solution. While each solution is custom, it is created from standard, proven components. You will receive a recommended solution design with an estimate of project cost and video/photo examples, possibly sketches if needed to communicate clearly.

If you decide to move forward based on the preliminary estimate:

  1. If your lift is straightforward, you may be able to immediately order and the lift will be built and shipped to you. A video training call should be scheduled before unboxing or first use.
  2. For more custom solutions, Mark will collaborate with one of three top lift designers/manufacturers in the world on your Versalift project. Any custom bracketry will receive a detailed engineering design which you may be asked to approve before production. We may offer on-site installation and training services or a video training and unboxing call depending on your needs or project requirements.

The VersaLift results from the following design requirements: 

  • Value - not the cheapest, but one lift that can serve the needs of many in a wide variety of shared environments or most if not all needs for an individual. 
  • KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid - safely deployable by a single assistant with little to no training
  • Lightweight (no major component over 25-30 pounds)
  • Portable - compact enough to fit in a carry-on suitcase (or minimally a checked bag)
  • Easily Stored - when not in use so as not to impede on or distract from architectural design or historic beauty
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles + Boats of all sizes over the water just to make it sufficiently challenging and interesting
  • Ridiculously Reliable. Industry-leading 5 / 10-year warranty!
  • Independent Transfers for those with the ability

VersaLifts are a perfect companion to Broadened Horizons' very popular, proven, and patented Comfort Carrier Manual Transfer Sling Seat that since it's 2005 debut remains recommended by Craig Hospital to every quadriplegic patient flying home, countless airline personnel working with people with disabilities in airports, Creating Abilities for canoeing and kayaking, and hundreds of enthusiastic and disabled travelers.

    Commercial Business Applications
    • Hotels and Cruise Ships - A single lift can service multiple ADA rooms in a single hotel with two-pin bracket on the wall near bed and in bathroom. Same lift can provide transfers in and out of ALL Pools and Hot Tubs meeting all legal requirements with much much-enhanced guest experience. Increases access 200%-300% for physically impaired disabled and elderly guests.
    • Commercial Aircraft - single two pin attachment point on bulkhead could service entire row of seats and bathroom if located on opposite side of the bulkhead. Combine with Comfort Carrier and Easy-Base for wheelchair to aisle-chair transfer before and after boarding and emergency evacuation.
    • Public Pools, Schools, Universities - a single lift can service multiple pools and hot tub's as well as in changing rooms from participants daily wheelchair to changing bench and/or a waterproof chair, etc.
    • Public or Municipal Docks & Boat Launches - only two pin single mounting point on dock piling. Lift does not need to remain outdoors in elements but can be made available on request or assisted by staff. Safe transfer from wheelchair into almost any boat of any size without modifications to the vessel from paddleboard to kayak to jet ski to dinghy or tender, fishing boat, sailboat or yacht.
    • Rental Providers - make your services inclusively available to all while expanding your market and meet ADA obligations
      • Watersports: Sailboat, Fishing boats, Kayak, Paddleboards
      • Private Aircraft Rental (FBO's)
    • Scuba Diving, Hookah Diving, and Snorkeling Charter Services - lower and recover anyone from the water who has difficulty climbing a ladder.

    Personal Use - Imagine using one lift and one sling in all of these situations:

    • At Home - Wall or Floor Attachment next to your bed could save $10,000 for ceiling lift installation costs. Soak in the bathtub. Hot tub or pool. Mow your own lawn or plow the driveway.
    • Personal Travel - Power mechanical lift packs into carry-on suitcase. Power Wheelchair Base or optional collapsible Rolling-Base making it possible to travel with a single caregiver/spouse. Be prepared for fire or hurricane evacuation. Get on/off commercial aircraft or in/out regular taxis (2-3 person manual lift) unless your chosen provider is VersaLift compatible.
    • At the Beach or Pool - from wheelchair to water (2-3 person manual lift), or Wheelchair to Beach Chair with VersaLift Power Wheelchair Base.
    • Recreational Vehicles (RV's) - transfer from wheelchair on the ground outside direct to driver or passenger seat, inside from wheelchair to driver's seat, from wheelchair to bed, from bed to toilet, and toilet to unmodified compact shower.
    • Boats - from wheelchair on dock into boats of all sizes from kayak to sailboat to Motoryacht. Inside transfer from wheelchair to bed, bed to compact toilet and shower. From boat into water to go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Can even lift most power wheelchairs from dock into boat.
    • Private Aircraft - from wheelchair into the pilot or passenger seat in all sizes of aircraft from ultralight to small commercial 6 or 8 seat planes. High wing is easier than blowing but both are possible.
    • Racing and Off-Road Vehicles - Polaris RAZR, 3-wheel Motorcycles


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    VersaLift Application Consultation

    VersaLift Application Consultation


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