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Inclusive Adventure Programs

Inspire, Motivate, and Educate thru Life-changing experiences.

Stimulate a fundamental shift in perspective for both participants and the public from programmed, vulnerable dependency to confident, capable self-determination. 

Participants develop confidence in their capabilities and a perspective of possibility.

Why would anyone try to achieve an education or contribute their talents through employment if they believe their only prospect is to sit in front of a television trapped in a nursing home or even their own home. We all need to believe in future possibilities worth striving to achieve.

Participants learn new skills through the catalyst of adventure.

Adventure offers us a sense freedom only achieved in overcoming challenges, perceived limitations, and our fears. This newfound freedom, powerfully shifts perspective to possibility - directly and measurably changing participant's lives, and their role in family and community.

Adventures are about the Journey, Not the Destination

A journey involves personal development. A trip is from point A to point B.

Photos and Videos from 2018-2020 Activities


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