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Adaptive Back Float Life Jacket for Disabled (Free Shipping )

PFD-A L 90-190 lb u-1

Swimming and Adaptive Sports. Not USCG for Boating.

$449.45 USD

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For Disabled (Free Shipping) 

Dorsal or supine position, back-floating, horizontal support adaptive life vest for people with multiple disabilities. Very popular for individuals limited by cerebral palsy. Also ideally suited for asymmetrical body conditions, such as scoliosis and hemiplegia. Compensates for pressure from one side, as the fetal position does. Safe and secure in the case of losing consciousness. The pillow float withstands both powerful jerky head movements and repeated arching of the back in case of an epileptic seizure. The water supports the body, while the PFD stabilizes.

Life Vests specially designed for inclusive rehabilitation program's Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, and Hydrotherapy.

“This was the VERY FIRST time in my life that I could swim using both my arms and legs simultaneously. If on my own, I usually swim with mostly my arms and then feel as if I have swallowed so much water that I could have drunk a whole entire lake). So it has me so excited!” 
- Jennifer Zubko, London, Ontario

30% content from United States, 70% from Canada

Shipments prepared once per week from Québec factory. Please order 2 weeks early.

*If user in the water is able to stand upright on their own, they should use the "Swim" model.

*Users that prefer a vertical position but suffer from large myoclonic jerks should use the "Vertical" model.


  • Stops the tension in the neck.
  • Keeps the user's face out of the water.
  • Protection against the arrival of water in the eyes.
  • Resists to contortions on the sides.
  • Resists back and forth movements.
  • Very stable even in the foetus position.
  • Ergonomic position best for horizontal position.
  • Fast return on the back position.
  • Patent features participate on keeping the face out of the water.
  • Let the user floats by her/himself: Therapist hands free!
  • System holds the diaper in place.
  • Adjustment participates in keeping the ears out of the water.
  • Therapist hands free! Allows the user to float without assistance: therapists obtain the hands free to give their cares.
  • No latex.

Best float for Cerebral Palsy

CE approved or EC approved

(en Français: VFi-A) 
Conformité Européenne Approvés CE / European Conformity EC approved Protocol CRITT ISO Class E 50N

CRITT Laboratory, Chatellerault, France

Size Chart

PFD-A Model - For physically challenged / Horizontal position










14 - 30

6 - 14

20 - 25

37 - 60




30 - 40

14 - 21

20 - 33

37 - 74



Slender & Teenager

40 - 90

18 - 41

28 - 38

38 - 97



Small Adult

40 - 90+

18 - 41+

29 - 39

54 - 100




90 - 190

41 - 86

32 - 45

68 - 115


* max height 142cm/56in

Award-winning Life jackets

  1. Gold Medal with special mention from the jury at the Geneva International Invention Fair
  2. The Portuguese Coastal Guard Award, an important recognition in the maritime field
  3. The Quebec Entrepreneurship contest, creative section
  4. Medal of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Association (SFMS). At the Paris International Fair
  5. Gold Medal at the Paris International Fair


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Adaptive Back Float Life Jacket for Disabled (Free Shipping )

Adaptive Back Float Life Jacket for Disabled (Free Shipping )

$449.45 USD

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