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Broadened Horions

eChariot Electric Wheelchair MicroCar

$15,655.00 USD

Roll-on in your Wheelchair. Or step on and sit on the optional seat. Drive to the store, around your university campus, meet friends downtown, go fishing, or simply enjoy recreation trails. Perfect in private retirement communities. Your wheelchair is your legs. Take it with you! A faster power add-on to your wheelchair. 

High-speed personal mobility that "nests" you and your manual or electric wheelchair inside. Use your wheelchair for what it is best - in your home. Then transform to cover longer distances in style, comfort, and speed without destroying your shoulders.

Our Community Mobility Moped and Car have the important manufacturer VIN Number to be utilized or licensed as an electric bike or electric moped or electric community car in most states. Research Moped or Community Car Licencing Requirements in your state.  Some states anyone over 13 or 15 can operate a moped, some require helmets, some require you pass a written exam to operate on public roads.

    1000 AGM Community Mobility Moped

    • Licensed as a mobility device, Electric Bicycle, or Electric Moped
    • (2) 60V 1000W Motors
    • ≤20mph (32 km/h) Maximum Speed (or can be limited to lower speed)
    • 60V 58Ah AGM Batteries Included (5 year 500-1000 charge cycle expected life)
    • 37-43 miles (60-70 km) Range
    • 440lb (200 Kg) Maximum Load Capacity
      • 1 Manual Wheelchair User (or Lightweight Lithium Folding Wheelchair)
      • 1 Friend or Caregiver

    4000 Lithium HD Community Mobility Car

    • Licensed as Mobility Device, Electric Bicycle, Electric Moped, or Community Car
    • (2) 60V 4000W HD Motors
    • ≤30mph (48 km/h) Maximum Speed (or can be limited to a lower speed)
    • BPL Blade Lifepo4 or LTO (Lithium Tetranide Oxide) Yinlong Battery (60V either 33Ah or 66Ah for 2x Range) 
      • INCREDIBLE 25-30 year 25,000 charge cycle expected life! Battery life = life of the vehicle means high resale value!
      • LTO are the SAFEST batteries. Will never ignite or explode!
      • 10x Faster Rapid Recharge!
        • ~6 min or 12 min from 240v 100a Charging Source
        • ~12 min or 24 min from 240v 50Charging Source (common)
        • ~60 min or 2 hours from 120v 20a Standard Outlet
    • Range: 80 miles (130km) on 66Ah Battery. 40 miles (65 km) on 33Ah Battery. 
    • Max Load Weight: 880lb (400 Kg)
      • 1 full-size Power Wheelchair User (Permobil or Invacare)
      • 1 Friend or Caregiver


    • Body Dimensions: 104.3"x51"x71" (2650mm x 1300mm x 1800mm)
    • Able to climb up to a 20° Slope
    • Disc Brakes on 400-10 Sized Wheels
    • Size of Lithium battery box is 550mm×280mm×175mm on each side

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      eChariot Electric Wheelchair MicroCar

      eChariot Electric Wheelchair MicroCar

      $15,655.00 USD

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