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Extend Comfort Carrier Warranty to 5 Years

$151.50 USD

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Warranty extension adds 4 years after 1 year original manufacturer's warranty providing 5 full years of Comfort Carrier and Tote Bag warranty coverage.  

Warranty Covers

  • Comfort Carrier and Tote Bag repair or replacement at our discretion.


  • Contact us to request device evaluation for repair or replacement under warranty coverage. Do not ship a device without a return authorization.
  • Warranty and device must be purchased from Inclusive Inc or Broadened Horizons. We will attempt to find past invoices using the customer's name or email address. However, the customer is responsible for showing an Inclusive sales invoice for both the device (1st year) and the extended warranty (2nd thru 5th year). 
  • Extended Warranty must be purchased within six months of purchasing the product.
  • Each purchase of a 4-year Warranty Extension only applies to one device.
  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, intentional abuse, product alterations, or due to improper handling, cleaning, or misuse of the product or failure to follow the care instructions. 
  • The warranty does not cover the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping both ways must be prepaid. If feasible, we will then provide a return shipping label for your convenience.
  • Warranty does not cover any second-hand device not originally purchased directly from Inclusive Inc. Warranty is not transferable to another individual or entity.  This is a personal item and is not intended to be resold.

Inclusive Inc and Broasdemned Horizons reserve the right to refuse maintenance, repair, or replacement if we believe any of these rules are violated.

*Inclusive Inc and Broasdemned Horizons' liability is limited to the repair or replacement, at our option, of a defective product. If repair is impossible and a replacement is unavailable, we may, at our discretion, provide a prorated refund of the original device purchase price based on an expected product life of 5 years.

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Extend Comfort Carrier Warranty to 5 Years

Extend Comfort Carrier Warranty to 5 Years

$151.50 USD

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