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Broadened Horizons

12-Pack Sip-n-Puff Disposable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces



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Prevents moisture, bacteria, or viruses from breath or saliva from contaminating Sip-n-Puff Switches. Disposable. Replace monthly or between users.  Includes both curved and straight in each 12 pack.


The perfect companion to all varieties of Broadened Horizons' ultra-sensitive Sip-n-Puff switches yet with any manufacturer's Sip-n-Puff Swithes. Insert into end of any 1/8" (3.5mm) I.D. (Inside Diameter) tubing.

  1. Use curved on the end of tubing mounted on any support or flexarm that approaches the user's mouth from behind or the side.
    • Any of our Head-of-Bed Mattress Mounts or any other bed mount
    • Close-talk microphone alongside the user's cheek on a headset
    • Flexarm mounted over the user's shoulder attached to wheelchair headrest or backrest
  2. Use straight pieces when mount or flexarm is pointing straight at user's mouth.
    • Shirt-Front Bite, Puff, or Squeeze Switch clipped to the front of the user's shirt
    • 26" SuperClamp Flexarm Mou of the user's shirt clamped to the front edge of a desk

Our Bite Bulbs can be inserted into the open end of the mouthpiece to support users who prefer to bite or squeeze the air bulb with their lips converting any puff switch into a bite switch.

Specs & Includes

  1. 12 Mouthpiece Filters (blue discs)
    • Hydrophobic blocking all moisture from breath or saliva
    • 1.2 µm or micron HEPA-rated filters block 99.9% of bacteria and viruses - ours are 1.2 µm!
  2. 12 180° curved pieces of 1/8" ID tubing custom molded to a 2" radius
  3. 12 straight pieces of 1/8" ID tubing
  4. 1 Mouthpiece Receiver for ⅛” Tubing - Insert barb into the end of the tubing. Blue mouthpiece disc inserts into the receiver with a ½ twist
  5. Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag 

*These are of a hygienic nature and cannot be returned or refunded after the vacuum seal is broken.

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12-Pack Sip-n-Puff Disposable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces

12-Pack Sip-n-Puff Disposable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces


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