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Broadened Horizons

The Maverick Command Center Powered Height Adjustable Workstation Package & FREE USA SHIPPING


$4,167.00 USD

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Universally designed for ANYONE in ANY seat. Perfectly suited to a disabled or handicapped wheelchair user, indispensable for someone with limited reach and dexterity or who needs to be able to recline wheelchair while utilizing desk.

Maverick Trapezoidal Powered Height Adjustable Standing/Sitting Workstation triples functional space without taking up extra space. More natural movement into desk and away positioned in a corner. Alternatively can be in the middle of a business office facing outward. Provides a more Private-feel with EXCEPTIONAL legroom. Change your position throughout the day to significantly improve blood full, posture, and well-being!

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Architectural-Inspired Design - center section appears to "float" above the wings within the outline. Design inspiration came from America's most famous master architect: Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters.
  • Legs are uniquely positioned to the outside edges allowing for knees and feet to turn and pass under wings unobstructed, maximizing functional workspace.
  • Width of opening between the wings is adjustable from 24" to 38" inches
  • Recommend 4"-6" wider than wheelchair or office chair armrests
  • Height of wings alongside armrests is adjustable from 25" to 49.5" inches(varies depending on height adjustment specifications for legs chosen)
  • Height of center section is 3.5 inches higher than the wings placing keyboard, phone, and monitor at a more ergonomic height with space for knees when reclining wheelchair or simply stretching your legs out straight when seated in an office chair.
  • Ergonomic Comfort Gel Keyboard & Mouse Tray available under center section is at ideal ergonomic height so forearms from elbow to wrist remain in a neutral position roughly parallel to the floor.

Real, Naturally Finished Oak elegantly blends into any home or office decore

Request quote for Special Order custom woods & finishes (usually $249)

Solid Oak edging and rounded corners for greater strength and durability

Corner and Rectangular models accommodate almost any floor plan

Arrange 4 of the Corner models facing each other in a circle! Perfect for universally accessible, ergonomic, educational computer labs or office team environments

Personally created by GimpGear Designs & Broadened Horizons President, Mark Felling, a Quadriplegic Wheelchair User, Engineer, Patented Inventor. Quads KNOW upper back, shoulder, and neck pain from strain! Mark literally could not operate Broadened Horizons & GimpGear without this workstation based on Universal Design principles.

Superbly Handcrafted by Felling Products - 3rd Generation Expert American Custom Cabinet makers.

Distributed by Better Living Designs, a Broadened Horizons company.

1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Natural Oak 3-Piece Desktop - Center & Two Wings
  • Natural Oak Monitor Shelf
  • Powered-Height Adjustable Silver Tri-Legs (27)
  • 8" Monitor Shelf Legs
  • Under-Wing Premium Accessories Drawer
  • Premium Comfort Gel Keyboard & Mouse Tray
  • Shipping ANYWHERE in continental USA! संपर्क करें for shipping quote elsewhere.

फंडिंग सहायता उपलब्ध है often through Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, Worker's Compensation, etc.

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The Maverick Command Center Powered Height Adjustable Workstation Package & FREE USA SHIPPING - Broadened Horizons Direct

The Maverick Command Center Powered Height Adjustable Workstation Package & FREE USA SHIPPING

$4,167.00 USD

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