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Company Overview 

Give Perspective. Create Possibilities. Change a Life. Strengthen Community. Mission: To empower, inspire, motivate, and educate all to stimulate a fundamental shift in perspective of the mobility impaired from programmed, vulnerable dependency to confident, capable self-determination. 

Inclusive Living keeps disabled and elderly people engaged in their community through coaching and assessments. Home modification design, accessible personal transportation, small business self-employment, and tools to telework from home. We all need to feel a part of and engaged in our communities

Inclusive Technologies provides Assistive Technology Tools that Empower thru Independence. With guidance from disabled experts who intimately understand, we ease acquisition by bridging the murky waters of bureaucracy, insurance, and funding. The right tool makes an impossible future seem tangible. 

We all need to feel we have a future with possibilities.

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Choosing Inclusive Inc means embracing hope and purpose. For those facing disability, trauma, or illness, Inclusive Inc offers a transformative perspective, illuminating a future rich with possibilities. Specializing in empowering quadriplegic wheelchair users, their main purpose is to help individuals rediscover their unique identities and regain independence, confidence, and purpose. This not only uplifts the individual but creates a positive ripple effect within families and communities, encouraging everyone to envision a future full of potential. By choosing Inclusive Inc, you invest in hope, purpose, and the boundless potential of every individual.

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